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Ultrasonic Marinator

Uses Ultrasound to Improve Penetration of Marinade/Seasonings Into Meat
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Ultrasonic water bath machines are used to clean objects from jewelry, to eyeglasses, to greasy machine parts.

This time, an ultrasonic water bath is used like a Sous Vide machine, with meat contained inside a bag being dunked into it. The vibrating ultrasonic appliance will not only maintain a precise temperature for cooking purposes, but its ultrasonic vibrations will help the marinade inside the bag to better penetrate the meat.

Normally, the only flavor that's capable of penetrating into meat is salt, because it's composed of small ions which can spread through the meat via osmosis. Other flavors have more difficulty, since they're associated with larger molecules that cannot pass through cellular barriers to penetrate the meat.

Ultrasonic vibration can help disrupt cellular barriers to help these other flavorants better spread throughout the meat.

sanman, Feb 08 2023


       It would almost certainly work. Why not build/test it? You only need an old jewelry cleaner, a tub, some marinade and 2 bits of meat.   

       Try to keep the power low however, ultrasonic agitations is used to disrupt cellular material in the lab, when we want to break cells open to get at the proteins inside, and anything that can break e.coli, will mess up muscle tissue. The powers used for cell lysis are quite high however, 20W for 5ml would be ball park.   

       Have you considered this as a compliment to sous-vide? Often a small stirrer is used to keep the liquid moving around the packaged meat, because the temperature gradients are quite small, this is useful. Ultrasonic agitations will achieve a solar effect.   

       Another way of speeding marination is pressure. Add that in for super speed!
bs0u0155, Feb 08 2023

       I'm just assembling the marinade for a biryani (about 14 ingredients), and I would love to have this device to make them really count. [+]
pertinax, Feb 08 2023


       Does this marinade sound good to you?   


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