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Whitman's Chicken Sampler

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They should gather everything that reputedly “tastes like chicken,” and sell a collection of these various meats in a fancy, gold container. Alligator; ostrich; llama; etc. The pieces could be cut into different shapes like hearts or Christmas trees, and the deluxe samplers could even include some gourmet varieties of actual chickens, such as corn-fed free-range leghorn and organic grass-fed cornish game hen.
phundug, Feb 13 2012


       //cut into different shapes like hearts or Christmas trees// So a carnivore's marzipan?   

       I just wonder who says those things taste like chicken. At my church every December we have a men's wild meat supper. The only thing that tastes even remotely like chicken is the cornish game hen, and I never did figure out what it was doing at a WILD meat supper.   

       We're out of sourdough buns so have a chicken biscuit on me.
Psalm_97, Feb 13 2012

       [+]Oh this is so whitty!!!
xandram, Feb 13 2012

       Everything tastes like chicken because chicken is actually fairly bland (especially modern factory farm chicken). Beef, pork, mutton, duck, even turkey, all have unique flavors, so when people are searching for something as a comparison, they fall back on the closest to a generic there is.
MechE, Feb 13 2012

       All of the reptile species I've eaten taste vaguely like chicken, which is unsurprising given the shared ancestry, but I really think it's become a kind of catch-all description for meats and other protien-based comestibles that have no analogous flavor. Depending on the variety of chicken and how it's prepared, almost any white meat could be described that way, in the same way that venison, bison, moose, caribou, and even bear can be said to taste like beef, even though they all have distinct flavors of their own.
Alterother, Feb 13 2012

       Scientists say there are two types of tongues - those that taste in (to use an analogy) pastel shades of flavor and those that sense a vivid palette of flavors. This could explain why some say a lot of stuff tastes like chicken and why others (including me) scorn them for such a comparison when the stuff obviously tastes nothing like that.   

       According to the article I read, the people with tongues that have less intense flavor sensing would benefit because they would be naturally inclined to eat more greens (which the other people would naturally be more adverse to because of the faint bitterness) but the people with more intense flavor sensing would benefit from a greater aversion to eating fatty foods.
Psalm_97, Feb 13 2012

       Some people think tofu tastes like chicken. It's not surprising given the shared genetic ancestry between the two species.
phundug, Feb 13 2012

       Others think tofu tastes like lard-flavored jello.
RayfordSteele, Feb 13 2012

       // At my church every December we have a men's wild meat supper.// Yay for the repurposing of churches for Satanic rituals!
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 13 2012

       /lard-flavored jello/ mmmm. leaf lard? oh yes. usually I have to pay to read stuff like this. more, please. quickly.
bungston, Feb 14 2012

       Then there's heavy cake frosting, ie. jello-flavored lard, (according to Spacecoyote).
RayfordSteele, Feb 14 2012

       //Others think tofu tastes like lard-flavored jello.//   

       As a son of the deep Sowth (that's Sowth ah said!) one who likes many things pan-fried in lard, I must protest, sir. There ain't no way tofu can be said to taste anything like lard.   

       It does however taste remarkably like imitation lard - vegetable shortening, aka crisco.
Psalm_97, Feb 14 2012

       I found that crocodile tastes like battery chicken, but it wasn't a free-range crocodile, so that's maybe why.   

       As for tofu and other soya products saw a quote along the lines of "if it's oily and has no favour whatsoever then it's either a low viscosity synthetic hydraulic fluid, or a soya based soup" and I agree.
not_morrison_rm, Feb 15 2012

       Ha! I had some rabbit once that tasted more like battery chicken than like wild rabbit, but with a strange fishy influence; it was likewise farmed, and I later confirmed that farmed rabbits are fed fish waste. Eww!   

       And tofu tastes like tofu; mild, but not unpleasant, and certainly not tasteless.
spidermother, Feb 15 2012

       Mass-farmed rabbit meat is terrible. For the best meat, you need to make friends with a backyard-farmer. Only with meat from rabbits raised with care can one appreciate the true flavor, which is nothing at all like chicken.   

       Well, okay, it's a _little_ like chicken.
Alterother, Feb 16 2012

       I've never had farmed rabbit meat. Only thing I've tried is rabbit meat from a rabbit that knew only the forest, before a hunter blew its head off. And it tastes nothing like chicken. It tastes like... um... well, it tastes like rabbit.
Psalm_97, Feb 16 2012

       I like wild rabbit as well, but they have distinctly different flavors.
Alterother, Feb 17 2012

       for my little dog. +
Zuzu, Feb 17 2012


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