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Wash and Dry Showerhead

A showerhead that spouts water and air respectively.
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Low flow showerheads have an aerator that mixes water with air in order to increase the volume of the expulsion without wasting water. A Wash and Dry Showerhead has an option of turning off water output, by directing water through a turbine that simply powers the aerator. The wastewater simply flows out the tap and down the drain.
rcarty, Mar 07 2013



       Since the water is still clean after it goes through the turbine, why not shunt it back to the holding tank for re- use?
Alterother, Mar 07 2013

       It has to be sort of a bad idea.
rcarty, Mar 07 2013

       Not that it invalidates the idea, but most aerators are not powered. They're simple venturis that pull in air as part of the flow.
MechE, Mar 07 2013

       it would be cold air. In the first instance you're relying on the huge heat capacity of water to warm up the air, which has negligible heat capacity, and probably originates from inside the hot and steamy general shower environment. Without complex heat exchange, your water will just dump it's heat down the drain. Also, low-flow shower heads are terrible.
bs0u0155, Mar 07 2013

       This is actually quite brilliant for a half-baked idea!   

       Implementation could involve a heat exchanger and / or a heated air tank, but (never mind, what [lee_rimar] said.)
csea, Mar 08 2013

       The idea was originally a showerhead that seperated the air out of the water and used that heated air, but then I realized there is not a lot of air in water before the aerator.
rcarty, Mar 08 2013

       Yes, there are many slips between the idea and the reality.
csea, Mar 08 2013


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