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Windscreen scrubber

Grind bugs and put water on them.
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Windscreen wipers. The basic principle hasn't changed much. But they are terrible at removing bugs, since they glide on a film of water. As I understand, the washer water is a lubricant so the wipers don't scratch the glass. Also, if water is not used, the bugs are spread in a sort of monochrome rainbow.

What I propose is a variation of the blade and pressure. Normal with water to clean the grit, then heavy pressure with some real elbow grease and a different blade edge which rotates around under the increased pressure.

So we have stage 1 which we all know, plus stage 2 heavy duty for scrubbing.

Ling, Feb 20 2012

Dang, It's a Shame To Let Them Go To Waste Bug_20Guts_20Distribution_20System
[Grogster, Feb 20 2012]


       Thousands of Entomophagists must be openly weeping here... pity, that. [ ] <link>
Grogster, Feb 20 2012

       To be properly authentic, these should only clean your windscreen when you're stopped at traffic lights, and should try and sell you cheap roses too.
hippo, Feb 20 2012

       Stiff plastic bristle brushes that flip down ahead of the wiper blade on command would be the thing.
8th of 7, Feb 20 2012

       A Really Bad Joke:
Two people in a car are going down the road when a bug smashes onto the windscreen. One person points at it and says to the other: "I bet he doesn't have the guts to do that again!"
Vernon, Feb 20 2012


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