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A clockwork orange of sorts
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This is your garden variety umbrella except it has been fitted with a 360 degree gutter which re-directs the rain water into a shower-head situated directly over the user.
MikeD, Jun 11 2010

vfrackis' earlier foray into the territory attention_20getting...0umbrella_20reverso
[jutta, Jun 11 2010]


       but why?
xandram, Jun 11 2010

       To be used as a gate-way to stoicism, or to illustrate futility...
MikeD, Jun 11 2010

       ella... ella... ella...   

       <apologies to Rihanna... and MikeD>
Jinbish, Jun 11 2010

       "Burgess wrote that the title was a reference to an old Cockney expression, "as queer as a clockwork orange". Due to his time serving in the British Colonial Office in Malaysia, Burgess thought that the phrase could be used punningly to refer to a mechanically responsive (clockwork) human (orang, Malay for "man")".   

       I don't think MikeD meant the movie, but the said expression. Notice how he didn't capitalize it the way you did, 21.
daseva, Jun 11 2010

       I always took the meaning of a clockwork orange to be something elaborately useless, like my idea.   

       Truth be told, I was unaware of the pun.
MikeD, Jun 11 2010


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