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the best things in life are free
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I propose giving away umbrellas that are perforated.

This is an umbrella that is perforated so that water may leak through. Used in a rain storm the perforations would allow for some rain to rain through the umbrella.

The point of this is to offer a lesser partial solution to the problem of getting wet in the rain. You will get wet but not as wet as you would without it.

vfrackis, Jan 14 2014


       Or a shady umbrella for the hot summer that drizzles you with cool mist and droplets of water.
rcarty, Jan 14 2014

       It will have to be cunningly designed so that it catches the wind just as much as a non perforated umbrella.
bs0u0155, Jan 15 2014

       And like free software, is there a patch that can cover the perforations if you upgrade?
normzone, Jan 15 2014

       // is there a patch that can cover the perforations if you upgrade //   


       Well, sort of - the upgrade is called a raincoat. Or RainCoat2, if you prefer. It is made from the same perforated material as the Un-Brella2. This allows the fabric to breathe, but because the odds against both sets of holes lining up are astronomically miniscule it does offer a high degree of protection when used in conjunction with the UB2.
Canuck, Jan 15 2014

       duct tape
popbottle, Jan 21 2014

       category product : umbrella
pashute, Jun 30 2016


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