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Weather Station Umbrella

Umbrella with a complete weather station
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Imagine how much fun you could have walking in the rain and wind with your very own weather station while being able to stay relatively dry. the umbrella could also be connected to the internet to stream updated weather forecasts and possibly to upload your personal weather information and current location to help forecasters.
pppporkins, Jan 14 2013


       Yep. That would be real fun in a thunderstorm, here in southeast Queensland. Later, you could use your umbrella as a boat, to get back to the mainland.
UnaBubba, Jan 14 2013

       Hey, it's down to 48 F here in San Diego...
normzone, Jan 14 2013

       It's dropped from around 112F this morning to about 70F this afternoon. Looks like a storm is about to hit. About bloody time, too.
UnaBubba, Jan 14 2013


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