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Have a seat.

Rider on stationary seat affixed to axle in position which affords balance in stationary mode as well as active.
This sucker is balanced, baby.
One 2.5 yard/metre diameter wheel with thin t/i/y/re on left, one wheel of same dimensions on right.
Pedals for speed and braking, using coaster brakes which serve as primary brakes.
Steering by arms of chair, incorporating secondary brakes which control individual brakepads on each wheel for sharper turns.

Picture Whistler's Mother out for a spin.
thumbwax, Jul 21 2002

(??) A bit like this? http://www.dself.de.../motorwhl.htm#vindi
[angel, Jul 22 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Would you get enough torque to actually turn the wheels (rather than, say, merely sending the seatee head-over-heels) ?   

       If so, I want one!   

       (Also, I think this would work better with wheels 2m in diameter. Otherwise it's just like doing wheelies in a wheelchair.)
DrCurry, Jul 22 2002

       Can I get one with training wheels?
phoenix, Jul 22 2002

       I'm wildly guessing the height from seat to top of hair to be 1 y/m. In case of freak accident or low ceiling clearance, this 2.5 y/m prototype size leaves headroom. Aside from that - whatever accomplishes that and fits inside a standard doorway opening.
Training wheels, like pads for American Football players - are for pussies.
thumbwax, Jul 22 2002

       It's a seated Segway.
angel, Jul 22 2002

       Not a Segway.
thumbwax, Jul 22 2002

       but that's just like those big wheelie things in Episode 2, isn't it? perhaps not quite as big
sappho, Jul 22 2002

       Episode 2 of?
angel, Jul 22 2002

       I'm guessing Star Wars - which I've see fifteen minutes total of in their entire collection - always put me to sleep.
Man, those are some kick-ass pics. Di-wheel most closely approximates what I have in mind, but they're engine powered, not people powered.
thumbwax, Jul 22 2002

       There's some monster stuff on the site I linked to. Someone else here linked it first, can't remember who.
angel, Jul 22 2002

       Now if the axle was jointed so that the wheels could tilt, you could lean into the curves. Also, the wheels could be mounted diagonally, seen from above, to diminish gerbilling, and the construction would still be balanced with the center of gravity below the axel(s).
FarmerJohn, Jul 22 2002


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