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vehicle that can operate as unicycle bicycle or trike
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a unicycle type vehicle with a chassi that works as a wheelbarrow.

in the middle line, long end, of the chassis is tube with a fork that allows one of the two wheels carried in the wheelbarrow to be used as a back wheel on a bike.

the 'legs' of the wheelbarrow have dropouts and the two wheels can be put in those dropouts as well to make a tricycle.

the vehicle can be pushed , or it can be ridden. riding in unicycle mode however is quite difficult and it is easieast pushed as a wheelbarrow in that mode.

teslaberry, Apr 29 2014

unicycle exotic http://s3files.core..._graduation0513.jpg
this is the base, with a counterweight in the front , a back set of wheels can be built. [teslaberry, Apr 30 2014]


       Odd! Odd category as well.
po, Apr 29 2014

       I wonder - must one straddle the barrow part of the wheelbarrow to pedal when using the thing as a bike? That could be perfect if, like me, you are very tall and phenomenally well endowed. The wheelbarrow option had occurred to me but seemed ostentatious.
bungston, Apr 29 2014

       imagine a penny farthing with the big wheel being the main wheel on a wheelbarrow that has two legs for two training wheels attached at the sides.   

       the legs are collapsible. when up, they ensure both wheels support the vehicle at an angle where the 'tail' wheel in the back is off the ground.   

       the pedal chains up to a gear/sprocket on the uniwheel , which is always on the ground.   

       in mono wheel mode, you are going to have a tough time as the counterbalance weight on the front of the vehicle makes it a bit clunkey. and heavy for a unicycle.
teslaberry, Apr 30 2014


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