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The Rock Sack

Listen to music while biking, playing.
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Took objects from drug store, created a specialty back pack with a rockin' stereo. It has a radio, subwoofer, PA system, mp3 player, and 20-50 watts of power. It will rock hard. The inner tube arm straps are from a bicycle. They let the bag bounce smoothly on bumps instead of jerking, they also don't absorb sweat, thus don't stink after hot bike rides. The mesh backing keeps the pack off of you and keeps your back dry. See link for demo:
haikunick, Mar 21 2009

The Rock Sack http://www.youtube....watch?v=-xGZJ6PDGb4
Demonstration of The Rock Sack [haikunick, Mar 21 2009]


       might be useful as a warning device for overtaking people on combined bicycle/walking trails... and only good as long you know that the people who will be overtaking you are wearing a much louder one.   

       But as far as using it while riding on the street: you entering the Darwin Awards competition ?   

       baked <link>
FlyingToaster, Mar 21 2009


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