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Undeletable documentary camera

Saving footages that the world has the right to see
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To combat aggressive deletion of important footage that the world has the right to see

Essentially the manufacture produces a professional camera for journalist in politically dangerous places that has two storage methods....

An internal Hdd... and a standard tape drive.

If a police ask to delete your tape... just give them your tape.

This is since every time you record, and set the camera to stealth... It records to both the tape and the internal hidden hdd. And without going to a special setting... just deleting the footage from the tape will not remove it from the hidden hdd.

This will ensure BBC will not lose their recording due to arrest by Iranian secret police see link [link]

mofosyne, Jun 15 2009

cited from wiki http://en.wikipedia...sts#cite_note-bbc-9
"Also several BBC cameramen were beaten and arrested by IRGC officials and had their tapes confiscated.[11][10]" [mofosyne, Jun 15 2009]

Sony LocationPorter RVT-SD100 http://www.youtube....watch?v=XjpOvmMRviE
Not very discreet. Said to be about $18,000, retail. [gen1000, Jun 15 2009]

Streaming live video with the iPhone http://www.techcrun...e-3g-s-not-so-fast/
Apparently AT&T is trying their best to prevent these streams from hitting their network due to "bandwidth concerns." [gen1000, Jun 15 2009]

PoE network camera with 3G streaming support http://www.avtechso...ons.com/vip7131.htm
A little more utilitarian. [gen1000, Jun 15 2009]

Or something a little more exotic http://www.niemanla...ders-find-abstruse/
Authorities can easily block or turn off 3G/cellular. Satellite streaming is perhaps a better solution although it too may be able to be jammed. [gen1000, Jun 15 2009]

Livecast - real time video streaming with storage http://www.livecast...orporate/index.html
Works on many devices and has GPS tagging [DenholmRicshaw, Jun 16 2009]


       A version of this already exists.   

       During rioting in Paris some time ago, a journalist was spotted by the police filming them behaving in an inapprpropriate manner. They grabbed the guy and he duly yielded up the recording media.   

       Imagine their horror when all his footage appeared on a subsequent news program. The canny cameraman was not only recording locally, but had been using a 3g phone to stream a low-res (but still quite watchable) video feed to a remote server (in a non-EU country).   

       The storage needs to be remote. Otherwise, smashing the camera solves the authorities "problem".
8th of 7, Jun 15 2009


       Can you show me the links?   

       in addition... perhaps we should start thinking up of ways to educate people on this
mofosyne, Jun 15 2009

       [gen100], that Sony kit looks pretty close. What was described in the article was something home-made by plugging a smartphon/pda on the back of a regular ENG system - but it worked.
8th of 7, Jun 15 2009

       If you rob one person, it's a crime. If you rob millions, it's called taxation.
8th of 7, Jun 15 2009

       Btw... I think your idea will not work in places in iran... where they can just block 3G network...   

       In addition... it just seems more risky in those places as they may trace your call.   

       Perhaps a wireless transmitter to the crew's car may work maybe?
mofosyne, Jun 16 2009

       Broadcasting the video signal is probably a good way to go, unless people start jamming, of turning off, the broadcasting medias in the vacinity of a riot or contraversial event.
Aristotle, Jun 16 2009

       [Ian] Damn those Antarctic telcos!
hippo, Jun 16 2009

       It shouldn't be hard to set a regular camera's a/v out to broadcast directly onto the internet (via wifi or satellite) and be stored on a hard drive somewhere. In fact I bet I could do it right not with my laptop but it would be an expensive rig to risk getting smashed.
DIYMatt, Jun 16 2009

       "No answer is also an answer"   

       If a Government shuts off cellular phone services, internet connections and satellite links, this is a sign that Something Is Badly Wrong. Everyone outside will become even more curious.   

       How long can such conditions continue before they start to impact the countrie's economy ? And will such actions be counter-productive, causing even more aggravation and disaffection among the populace ?   

       Carry on like that for more than a few days and people will start to get hungry as food distribution starts to fail.... then see what happens.   


       (i) the technology exits (and has been used) for remote recording   

       (ii) if the authorities block external communication links, not only do they flag up their own problems, but it's also only practical for a reltively short time.   

       (iii) there are plenty of "fallback" mechanisms. Cameraphone -> micro-SD card, small enough to stick in one's ear. Seraching everyone leaving the country for a bit of plastic that small is impractical. So the delay might be a day or so (remember, it used to be many days, even weeks, for filmed reports) but the images still get out.
8th of 7, Jun 17 2009


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