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USB Q-tip

I can see my brain
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A USB color camera that holds a Q-Tip. The camera has special lenses so it can focus on the innerds of your ear. Mounted alongside the camera are 3 white LED's. Now you can clean out your ears and actually see that its clean. Itch that thing you never can find. Improve safety by being able to see your eardrum.
evilpenguin, Jun 21 2007

Plasticbamboo via Engadget: Ear scope http://www.engadget...time-entertainment/
[jutta, Jun 21 2007]


       don't probe too deep kids, or you'll beat yer brains out!   

       good idea but certain depths of your ear are not meant to be touched with anything but coroner's tools should you die or surgical tools for removing fluid, inserting internal hearing aids, laying open tissue and skull for the process of brain surgery or just plain stabbing yourself in the head.   

       A+ for quick thinking, [-] for no resources.
abhorsen1983, Jun 21 2007

       Never stick anything in your ear except of course your elbow.
nuclear hobo, Jun 21 2007

       I prefer to leave the insertion of cameras into my orifices to professionals. But some people have more curiosity. (+)
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 21 2007

       Ear wax removal is big in Japan. There, this is a very sellable idea - and it exists in a couple of versions. See link for one of them.
jutta, Jun 21 2007

       Thanks [jutta] thats almost exactly what Im talking about. I wanted to create something that would be cheap. Webcams are really cheap, I want to make a webcam (with special focal lenght) that you can watch on your computer, with the Q-Tip holder feature.
evilpenguin, Jun 21 2007

       A cheap tiny remote cam for small places would be a great science toy. The first place I'd put it would be inside the bee hive.
Heathera, Jun 21 2007

       It would scare me.... A good idead for some, but not for me. But I wouldn't have to buy it! Seriously, though. Think about it. A dude from the future teleports onto your front porch. You get to talking. You ask him, "So, you guys use computers for everything from games to earwax in the future, eh?" He agrees.
TahuNuva, Nov 02 2007

       I used to work for an outfit that made digital dental cameras - these have been abused for similar purposes, as well as what I shall refer to as cervical porn.
normzone, Nov 02 2007


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