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I'd like a CCD (the image sensor from a digital camera) connected, via whatever electronics might be necessary, to a USB plug. The computer this is plugged in to would see it as a memory stick with a single JPEG image on it, refreshed, say, every second. Then, with a small cardboard box you could make a digital pinhole camera. More generally, it would be useful for all sorts of basic optics experiments.
hippo, Mar 15 2010

JPEG color camera http://www.sparkfun...hp?products_id=9334
[MisterQED, Mar 15 2010]


       The electronics required to generate a .jpg specifically might be pretty complex, and .jpg isn't the best format for detailed work. I'd suggest .tiff instead. [+]
gisho, Mar 15 2010

       True - some image format other than jpeg might be more practical.
hippo, Mar 15 2010

       I don't have time to look, but I'm sure you could assemble this from parts from SparkFun if not buy one directly. The closest I could come with only 60 seconds to look was (link). You'd just have to add a serial to USB converter.   

       Just because you can make one doesn't make it baked, but what is the usefulness of this idea. I could see a BMP as semi useful for programs to learn from.   

       For example, to aim a telescope I could use a basic device like this to feed data into a program to do star charts or tracking. I definitely wouldn't want that data compressed or encoded in any way. (JPEGs are compressed) I'm assuming this data is for programs to read. Many people do do this with stamp computers.
MisterQED, Mar 15 2010

       Just what I was about to ask.. just a matter of software and a standard webcam?
AutoMcDonough, Mar 15 2010


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