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Underground City Weather Protection

Don't move the weather. Move the city.
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Every building in a town is required to be built on top of its own giant underground hydraulic press. Like a giant elevator shaft. When hurricanes or tornadoes threaten the town, the buildings are all lowered underground and the top of the shaft closes. The hurricane or tornado passes and the buildings are re-elevated.

It sounds expensive, but rebuilding entire cities over and over and over again when they get demolished by the vengeful hand of God is also very expensive. This would save lives, money, and just plain be cool.

DeathNinja, Sep 18 2003

Marineville http://television.jasper.org/srmarine.htm
City that ducked and covered [oneoffdave, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Sinking Safety Skyscrapers http://www.halfbake...afety_20Skyscrapers
Courtesy of [Aristotle] [Shz, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       It'll be tough to scrape all the capital together at once. Triage suggests that we be begin with trailer parks right away.
Laughs Last, Sep 18 2003

       If they would build with a little more quality in the US then hurricanes would be an inconvenience, but not a threat.   

       "Trees/snow/storm knocked out major power line 100,000s without power." You hear that every year. The underground cable was invented over a 100 years ago.   

       Tornados do most damage to trailer parks. Do they have a special hatred for trailers or are trailers just too flimsy?
kbecker, Sep 18 2003

       //Do they have a special hatred for trailers //   

       No, just the inhabitants. :P
Detly, Sep 18 2003

       Marineville in Gerry Anderson's puppet show Stingray did this to avoid enemy attack. As soon as battle stations was sounded, the buildings sank beneath the ground [link]
oneoffdave, Sep 19 2003

       And what about the underground pressure if you're in the Sears Tower ground floor and it starts to move down?
Nemmy, Dec 31 2004


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