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waiting for butterfly

model environment, seed the conditions, change the weather.
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The butterfly effect is simply that a tiny act can unfold to very large events. The thing is that this has to occur in deterministic nonlinear system of the correct state to allow the initial act to propagate the unfold.

If a dedicated supercluster could calculate the current weather conditions, look for any states that look ripe for butterfly seeding, we could change the climate change. The correct seeding butterfly action and large scale outcome would also have to be carefully modeled. Wouldn't want to make things worse with more scientific controversy.

I propose giving each weather station, an animatronic butterfly. Each could be easily hooked to the network and on command give a digital scripted weather dance.

Like life, it's not really the dance that's important but rather the time and place.

wjt, Mar 29 2018

Weather Control Weather_20Control
My version of this Idea was not well-received, either. [Vernon, Mar 30 2018]


       Sorry, no, chaos theory will beat you every time ...   

       [-] Bad Math.
8th of 7, Mar 29 2018

       No, [8th], I think he might be onto something.   

       Africa: large butterflies, warm climate.
South America: large butterflies, warm climate.
Malaysia: large butterflies, warm climate.
India: large butterflies, warm climate.
Cambridge: small butterflies, cold climate.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 29 2018

       So, countries and continents have large butterflies and warm climates, while cities have small butterflies and cold climates?   

       I wonder what the Vatican's like in terms of climate, and butterflies.
Wrongfellow, Mar 29 2018


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