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Underwear Air Jetter

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Air gun with a chamber that you cram a pair of underwear into or an alternate stinky substance or object.

The device allows you to shoot air that smells bad.

You will be able to associate a smell with an individual from afar.

vfrackis, Nov 09 2009

The Spin Master Stink Gun http://www.amazon.c...r-Gun/dp/B000232VYS
Uses "stink pods" to fire unpleasant scents at people, I think I read a MAKE article about modifying the pods for other odours. [kaz, Nov 09 2009]

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       I swear I've seen a functioning scent gun described before. However due to the decidedly poor nature of my memory I can't recall whether it was on here, or in the real world.
kaz, Nov 09 2009


Apparently I wasn't imagining it.
kaz, Nov 09 2009

       sorry mfd
vfrackis, Nov 09 2009


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