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Undo browser

For those times when the email browser window closes.
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I often have a number of windows open on my computer. One of the many extravagancies that come with new age super fast computers. Well, many windows translates into lots of wrong-window-closing-situations. Now its fine if I type a long report in word and close the window by mistake because it does not just close (it warns me first) but the same is not true for my browser window on which I might have just type a new idea for the bakery or written an email to my professor explaining exactly why I was not able to submit my report on time. I'd like to see the same feature in browser windows that have a ‘text area’ inside. Now I know this is easy to do because any script can detect a text area; so I imagine it can be done with IE or any other browser. Any thoughts?
nomadic_wonderer, Feb 09 2005

Existing bug report addressing the problem https://bugzilla.mo...w_bug.cgi?id=265233
Although not with quite the same solution. [jutta, Feb 07 2006]

Lazarus: Form Recovery https://addons.mozi...arus-form-recovery/
A FireFox extension that provided a solution for this: if you reload a page that had text you had written and lost, you can right-cick the text area and choose which backup of text to recover. It worked for a long time, but became incompatible with newer versions of Firefox a few months ago. [Rory O'Kane, Jun 03 2017]

Form History Control https://addons.mozi...control/?src=search
A FireFox extension that periodically backs up text in text areas, and lets you scroll through the list of all backups and copy the backed-up text for pasting. It also lets you manage your history of submitted single-line text fields. [Rory O'Kane, Jun 03 2017]


       Even better if it sends your halfbakery idea to your professor so he knows why you're late. Nice idea [+]
not_only_but_also, Feb 09 2005

       Shouldn't there be a big back button at the upper right of the screen that backs up anything?
JesusHChrist, Feb 09 2005

       baked -> "open recently closed tabs"
erlehmann, Jan 09 2008

       Baked, at least in Safari. When trying to close this tab, I get this warning with Close and Cancel buttons:   

       Are you sure you want to close this tab? You have entered text on “Annotate Undo browser”. If you close the tab, your changes will be lost. Do you want to close the tab anyway?
Rory O'Kane, Mar 01 2011

       in Ffox there's the tab undo (which isn't what you're after), but also an Option to confirm when closing a window with multiple open tabs.
FlyingToaster, Mar 01 2011


       For those times when you accidently close the tab just before posting a two-and-a-half-bunner.
Cuit_au_Four, Jun 03 2017

       I've been using Lazarus for a few years now and can confirm it works most of the time. Also, browsers now usually warn you before closing a tab with unsaved form contents, and restore the form contents if you unclose the tab (or when you restore your session, if the browser crashed).
notexactly, Jun 04 2017


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