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Unfashion Boutique

Stop the tyranny of fashion
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How many times has this happened to you: your favorite shirt/underwear/watchband/hat/whatever wears out. You go to the SAME STORE to get a replacement, only to find that THEY DON'T SELL THAT KIND ANYMORE, or, worse, it's now available only in peach or ecru with a garish logo and teal piping. Seems like the fashionistas have decreed that you can't sell something, even a basic T-shirt, for more than three months without changing the styling, color, or whatever. At the Unfashion Boutique, they sell the same basic clothes all the time. Fashionistas can still shop at McArmani or whatever; the rest of us can just buy regular clothes.
rmutt, Aug 15 2000


       This is what The Gap used to be about 15 years ago. Now The Gap sells 'fashionable' clothing. This doesn't work because they're so huge - everyone knows where you got those cargo pants. Also, if they make a big mistake then they have proportionally more stock to dump than a smaller retailer.
In my opinion The Gap worked a lot better when it was a fairly anonymous brand and if you wanted, say, a black cotton jumper, you knew that they'd have it, because they'd always have that kind of thing.
hippo, Aug 16 2000

       Fashion, Smashion...Screw it all! Being a die-hard anti-conformist, I found the best ways to beat the "I just GOTTA look like everyone else" weakness, is to: A. Learn how to make patterns and sew. Amazing what a creative mind can do - B. Shop at thrift stores and resale shops run by old ladies who smell funny - my entire closet, including mucho leather stuff, probably only cost me $300.00 and I don't CARE if it wears out!!
hotrodmama, Nov 29 2000

       This is baked. It is called LLBean. Beans has been in business since 1912 selling a very stable line of clothing: flannel shirts, jeans, outdoorsman gear, wool socks, wool sweaters, etc. That is why they can have a lifetime guarantee. In ten years when you bring those boots back, chances are they will still be making them and can give you a new pair.
Vecini, Jan 16 2001

       There's a shop in Reading called Jacksons which, I swear, is still selling exactly the same stuff that they were selling in the 60's. It was naff then!
PeterSilly, Sep 12 2002

       All my clothes come from thrifts. I notice the customers are either way ahead or way behind the herd.
pfperry, Sep 12 2002

       I am a dedicated follower of fashion. Just not this year's.
Guy Fox, Sep 12 2002

       I agree. Have you noticed how although we have lots of choice in terms of brand-names, we actually have very little choice because all the brand-names follow fashion ? Why is it that the only sneakers I can buy these days look like weird plastic agglomerations produced by a malfunctioning Star Trek transporter ?
bumhat, Sep 13 2002


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