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Unicycle with handlebars, without seat.

Sadly, unicycle juggling would be out of the question
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This thing has a regular unicycle wheel and pedals, but the stem curves forward and swoops up, terminating at a pair of wide, swept back cruiser-type handlebars, at a comfortable height to give almost but not quite full arm extension. Padding along the bars in case you need to get the hips in there for some added control.

Why? Well why not? Comfort, style, amusement might occur.

afinehowdoyoudo, Apr 07 2014

baked http://halfbikes.com/
basically functional standup bike with steering and breaks.....and training wheels. [teslaberry, Apr 08 2014]


       If yer gonna do that, might as well make it a freewheel with brake lever(s) on the apehangers.   

FlyingToaster, Apr 07 2014

       Very clever but somebody HAS to have thought of this already right? I know there are a lot of unicycles with handlebars. Take the seat off and you've got sort of a Segway-esque affair. Neat idea.
doctorremulac3, Apr 08 2014

       I think I need a visual. Could you draw up a little template for this, please, oh please?
blissmiss, Apr 08 2014

       The halfbike is neat for sure, but its really a standup tricycle, not the same as this idea. Will try to make an illustration..
afinehowdoyoudo, Apr 09 2014

       Actually, one handlebar would have a brake lever, the other a reverse lever.
FlyingToaster, Apr 09 2014

       I like the idea of a brake for a unicycle. It would make more sense for one of those giant unicycles. Those big ones could have different gears too.
bungston, Apr 10 2014


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