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Westernised kimono

Unisex comfort garment
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This would have a scarf-type thing to tie it. Those rule. It would not have those flappy sleeves which are a fire hazard when cooking. It would be long, but not so long you trip over it. Since this is a *Westernized* kimono, you can have T-shirt type designs on it.
Juuitchan4, Mar 29 2002

Baked, Grasshopper http://www.asahi-jc.com/kimofaq.htm
KI series Kimono are somewhat westernized Kimono, and it is easy to wear and take care of. It comes with a belt and you do not need to know anything complicated to wear it. [thumbwax, Mar 29 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Sounds not to dissimilar to a bathrobe.
mcscotland, Mar 29 2002

po, Mar 29 2002

       Um, there already is a Westernised kimono - it's called a Mu Mu. Go to South Florida and you will see people wearing them everywhere.
voiceofreason, Aug 26 2004

       Hee hee: Mu Mu!
DocBrown, Aug 27 2004

       The muumuu is a traditional Hawaiian garment.
Alx_xlA, Jun 29 2010

       you're looking for a yukata.
Voice, Oct 19 2010


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