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United Halfbaked Peoples Front

Stand up and be counted.
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My fellow halfbakers, now in the winter of our discontent (OK early spring here/late autumn for those on their heads), as we await the ravages of financial crisis, is the time to stand up, sit down, do your funky thing and be counted in our revolutionary, or is that revolting, no revolving stand [link] against the evil forces of capitalism. Namely one DrBob, who may not even be called Robert or be a Doctor for all we know (and certainly will not be allowed to operate on my body beautiful), who in his cunning plan, based on an idea by B. Aldrick, has taken over that beloved and benevolent institution that we know as the HalfBakery.

Not only has this lowly miscreant, not a highly acclaimed Magno Ant, had the temerity and the telemetry to lay his talons to the hallowed surf and turf of our esteemed recreational web page, but he had and has beholden for his own the very words of our language and taken them for his sinister plans. No more shall the visceral cry of "Marked-For-Deletion" ring out in the cathedrals of our lands, or the might bellow of "Baked" sound triumphantly on the plains of Bonneville [link]. No more shall the promises of endless good from Nano-Nano-technology be followed for the benefit of all.

And lo, behold there is no limit to his misdeeds as he also lays claim to the very thought and ideas that our most bountiful peoples have though up in their most private thinking moments, at their places of work and palaces of abode, and plans to in ways most dark and deviant* too numerous to mention, too onerous to motion, too odorous to function, to hold and bend these thoughts to his own most base specifications and requirements.

*Which is far to dark and deviant to go into on a web-site for public consumption, but let me just tell you this – it really is mostly really too dark to see the deviations.

So I say now for one last time before I my voice is whisked and wished away by the noose of his litigation, the goose of his titillation, the moose of his recognition, oh what is that phrase, ooh yes I have it "Stand up and be counted in opposition to this plan most deviant and base".

I thank you.

eight_nine_tortoise, Apr 01 2009

And behold I saw a burning buffet http://www.ares-onl...ving_stand_267.html
all burnished in the setting sun. [eight_nine_tortoise, Apr 01 2009]

And his triumph was wonderful to behold, http://www.triumph....nada/News_8944.aspx
but it took a lot of Autosovol to keep it like that. [eight_nine_tortoise, Apr 01 2009]


       According to my clock, I note that you have just 4 hours remaining to organise this little revolution of yours Mr Tortoise. Four hours in which most of your potential recruits will be watching repeats of 'Top Gear' on 'Dave'. After that, I own you and the shell you crept in under! Best of luck!

PS: I rather like the revolving buffet stand. I think I shall use it for the halfbakery re-launch party. Perhaps adorned with small bitelets of tortoise paté served on a crunchy, biscuit base.

PPS: Mwuhahahahaha!
DrBob, Apr 01 2009

       United Halfbaked Peoples' Front?
Jinbish, Apr 01 2009

       why is this in english?
po, Apr 01 2009

       Should be halfbaked people united front
zeno, Apr 01 2009

       // PS: Mwuhahahahaha! //   

       No, no, NO !   

       Inhale deeply, emphasis on the SECOND syllable;   

       "Muhw HAHA hahahahaha !"   

       And remember to throw your head back, opening the mout wide for maximum effect.   

       All right, class, let's try it again:   

       "Three, two, one" ....
8th of 7, Apr 01 2009

       I thought this was going to be an idea about the female bakers having to all wear/burn our bras...or something.
blissmiss, Apr 01 2009

       we could do that too.
FlyingToaster, Apr 02 2009


       If you need to ask, you can't afford it.   

       i don't get it.
k_sra, Apr 03 2009


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