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Have a religious and a secular holiday at different times of the year.
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Any historical Jesus was not born on 25th December, since it would be quite a coincidence for him just to happen to be born on the same day or close to a few pagan holidays such as Saturnalia, and because if the gospel accounts are to be trusted, the sheep were on the hills outside at night and not inside because of cold weather. I mean, if they can be trusted, but let's not worry about that as it's a specific faith-based holiday commemorated from 25th December so it may not be up to outsiders to judge. At the same time, we have the whole jamboree of Xmas the great big commercial festival and cheery-uppy thing in the middle of the Northern Hemisphere winter, which you aren't going to get people to stop doing, while lots of people do complain about the commercialisation of Xmas, it starting too early and so on.

Therefore, choose another date for the birth of Jesus, such as 28th May or maybe some time in September, which is one suggestion made by Arthur C Clarke, have that as the religious observance and call it Xmas, in order to incorporate the cross and the first letter of Xrist, and institute another festival which is just about all the stuff we actually do during that season which isn't directly connected to the Jesus bit, but still includes all the piss-ups, get-togethers and even the goodwill and charitable stuff, on 25th December, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, and call it Ymas (or maybe "Christmas in December"). That way, nobody can be justified in complaining about a religious holiday being used as a bank holiday or conversely over-commercialised, and there's a new religious holiday which is actually about Jesus and so on.

nineteenthly, Dec 15 2022

Timely https://www.bbc.co....rld-europe-63982819
I guess Denmark is against proliferation of special days also [a1, Dec 15 2022]

No Mas https://nyfights.co...-forty-years-later/
[theircompetitor, Dec 15 2022]

No secret ingredients https://www.greggs....ausage-roll-1000446
no mystery [a1, Dec 16 2022]

Apostrophe (') https://en.wikipedi...:Apostrophe_(').jpg
[whatrock, Dec 16 2022]


       [-] For marking another date to the calendar for no real historical or religious reason. Those who believe in the Christ observe when and how they see fit, regardless.   

       I'm not a Christian, but I don’t scoff (as much, anymore) at their rituals - as long as they don’t directly affect me.
a1, Dec 15 2022

       Xmas itself in this scenario is only a day off if you choose it to be.
nineteenthly, Dec 15 2022

       XYZ, MLK, whatever… I take the work days off as my employers dole them out, and grant a nodding acceptance to others’ observances. But the only “holy days” we observe in our house are family members’ birthdays and anniversaries. I’ve sometimes said I should also get to celebrate all of my UNbirthdays, but when wife and kids said they should get THEIRS too, well, that’s what turned me against needless “special” days - decades before you came up with this YMAS.
a1, Dec 15 2022

       Coincidentally, I was reading this timely (linked) item from Denmark just a little while ago…   

       “The axe is likely to fall on Store Bededag (the ‘Great Prayer Day’), which happens every year on the Friday before the fourth Sunday after Easter and was introduced as a public holiday in 1686. The measure has sparked criticism, notably from Denmark's religious community.”
a1, Dec 15 2022

       I can't believe Roberto Duran had not yet come up in this idea
theircompetitor, Dec 15 2022

       [+] Makes perfect sense. Those wishing to celebrate the birth of Jesus would likely find it easier when unattached to the Santa/Amazon/online retail contamination.

And people could participate in the celebrations of their choice in their own way and on their own dime.
whatrock, Dec 15 2022

       It is totally arbitrary to celebrate a thing every year. You may as well celebrate it every week (I suppose many religious traditions do do this, like how today is sacred to Thor etc.) Or every month, or every lunation, or every something cycle, or whatever. It just seems arbitrary. In fact is is arbitrary. Especially since leap years mess up the regularity of the the thing being celebrated so it jumps around. I mean one day to celebrate an event that took half an hour or so? Seems excessive. And another thing,
pocmloc, Dec 15 2022

       The celebration is the actual big jumble of everything that happens at the darkest point of the year (for some).   

       It's like the english language. If you were to separate out all the influences, so in september you only spoke using norman words and in december you only spoke using anglo words and in january you had to say zuchinni instead of courgette. It wouldn't be any fun.
mylodon, Dec 15 2022

       Or, you could just rename the existing palaver Yule (or yuletide).   

       Then people in the southern hemisphere could celebrate it at the end of June, and eat rich, cold-weather food when the weather is actually cold.   

       And, yes, we could have some peace and quiet for thinking about the Incarnation.   

pertinax, Dec 15 2022

       Roberto Duran... Anyone? Ugh, have we already forgotten?
theircompetitor, Dec 15 2022

       // Roberto Duran... ... already forgotten? //   

       Not forgotten but not seeing the connection you want either. Boxer, fought in a few different weight classes, last fight was about twenty years ago. Did some movie and TV work too. I recalled that much even before asking Google, but even after checking I don't get what you're after here.
a1, Dec 15 2022

       lol link
theircompetitor, Dec 15 2022

       Oh.... that is so ... bad. Thanks :D
a1, Dec 15 2022

       well, they started it with the a,b,xmas,lmnop
theircompetitor, Dec 15 2022

       Christmas is like both sedimentary geology and a Greggs sausage roll.
calum, Dec 16 2022

       Sure, both have layers. But Greggs Sausage Rolls are advertised as having “no secret ingredients” - so there’s none of the majestic mystery* that infuses Christmas and so many other religious rituals.   

       * Well, one mystery - should Greggs Sausage Rolls have an apostrophe?
a1, Dec 16 2022

       One apostrophe, coming up (linky).
whatrock, Dec 16 2022

       I suppose an apostrope would be useful if you were describing a Greggs sausage roll’s ingredients.
pocmloc, Dec 16 2022

       Roll's or rolls' - how many you got?
a1, Dec 16 2022

pocmloc, Dec 16 2022


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