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Universal Glint Contact Lenses

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Corner-cube reflectors are widely used on safety equipment and the like, and have the property of reflecting any incoming light back in the direction it came from.

MaxVision, a partially-disowned subsidiary of MaxCo., is therefore proud to offer EverGlints, the first contact lenses offering full corner-cube reflectivity.

Although looking and feeling exactly like normal lenses, each Everglint lens contains a few square millimetres of corner-cube reflector material, located over the iris and thus not interfering with normal vision.

Be the envy of your friends as the flashbulbs fire at your next social engagement. You alone will stand out from the crowd, possessing a brilliant glint in each eye which will stand out in every photograph.

Moreovermore, Everglint lenses look just like standard lenses to the casual observer. Because incident light is reflected back to its source, your friends will never be dazzled or distracted when talking to you, unless they happen to have a lightbulb fitted near their own eyes.

Coming soon: corner-cube caps for that Colgate ring of confidence.

MaxwellBuchanan, May 23 2013

you can get most anything in a contact lens http://www.youknowi...-contact-lenses.cfm
[xandram, May 23 2013]

most expensive with gold and diamonds (glint) http://sillymillion...h-gold-and-diamonds
[xandram, May 23 2013]

another halfbaked contact lens... http://www.elektor....ssage.2007526.lynkx
[xandram, May 23 2013]


       the <links> scare me to no end.
erenjay, May 24 2013

       And yet, unless the camera flash happens to catch one of those diamonds at just the right angle, pfft - nothing. With a small piece of embedded corner cube material, the lens is guaranteed to bounce flashlight right back at the camera lens.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 24 2013


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