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Universal Mana

For everyone
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Wish you luck.
I don't believe in luck.
Um, may you have good karma.
Don't believe in that either.
May the goddess smile upon you.
What are you saying?
May you have good Qi.
Ok look, take this universal mana. You can cash it in for whatever you believe in. It's my wish of good things to happen to you in however form you want it to happen.
sartep, Dec 11 2003


       May I choose the Womana edition? <g>   

       //It's my wish of good things to happen to you in however form you want it to happen.//   

       [sartep], the enjoyment I got from reading this heartfelt message officially makes your wish come true. +.
Tiger Lily, Dec 11 2003

       mana from heaven!
po, Dec 11 2003

       For the Muslims, a box of Kellogg's Raisin Bran?
RayfordSteele, Dec 11 2003

       Mana thanks [sartep].
dobtabulous, Dec 11 2003

       Right back at ya [sartep]   

       So this isn't about Magic: The Gathering? What's the exchange rate between karma and Qi?
krelnik, Dec 11 2003

       And a thank you to all too.   

       I like Magic: The Gathering. I think I need some more mana, if we are talking about M:TG. I guess what I would be offering everyone would be a black lotus.   

       //What's the exchange rate between karma and Qi?//   

       The correct answer should be that they are both equally priceless but I don't believe in correct answers. So, I will say that it depends on the market you are in, I would check the Nikkei for the best exchange rates.
sartep, Dec 12 2003

       Clearly, as karma comes back thrice, it is worth three times as much as Qi.
Overpanic, Dec 12 2003

krelnik, Dec 12 2003

       What is the sound of one bun clapping? +
k_sra, Dec 12 2003

       May the pastry goddess bake unto you!
Letsbuildafort, Dec 13 2003

       Thanks sartep, and to you, too, though a simple nod would suffice...
kranedawg, Apr 10 2004


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