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Young Earth Creationism

6000 years is hardly "young"!
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Clearly the world was created at 00:00:00 UTC on 1 January 1970.

We can all agree on that (except for those of us who are wrong).

Agreeing that the world was Created at 00:00:00 UTC on 1 January 1970 is very important as we shall see.

How do we prove this?

Positive proof: <help me out here... some techy way of showing the date string on the interlocutor's computer or phone?>

Dismissing objections: Obviously the Creator of the world was very intelligent, and arranged everything to start as set up at the stroke of new year at the beginning of 1970s. Anything that seems to date from before then is a Created Artefact, placed there as part of Creation and intended to stimulate Human works. Fossils, the light from distant stars, medieval archaeology, and ww2 newsreel footage, all placed by the Creator at midnight as the sound of the New Year bells (which had never actually rung because they hadn't been created yet) faded away into the cold night air of 1970

Debunking heretics:

Some people think the world was created approximately 6000 years ago. They are at liberty to believe this if they want to be wrong, but they are not at liberty to refer to this crazy idea as "young Earth". By anyone's standards 6000 years is not "young". It is over 1000 times older than the actual true proven age of the World (which was created at 00:00:00 UTC on 1 January 1970, see above).

These people are "Old Earth creationists".

Some people are even crazier and think the world grew out of nothing but we don't need to bother ourselves with that level of batshit mental craziness.

The end of the world and the coming of the ______ (name must never be spoken) at 03:14:08 UTC on Tuesday, 19 January 2038 is a different subject and best not spoken about too much. You only have 17 years left to commit enough sinning to justify being saved (you can't be saved if you're not a sinner, right?

pocmloc, May 03 2021

2038 doomsday cult 2038_20doomsday_20cult
[hippo, May 04 2021]

Silicon Era https://github.com/...cimal-time/issues/2
[Mindey, May 26 2021]


       6020 years, actually, since there was no year zero.
RayfordSteele, May 03 2021

Don't you know that the world was created last Thursday?

       I bet you can't remember what you had for breakfast last Wednesday. If you think you can, you're wrong.
Loris, May 03 2021

       "Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so."
sninctown, May 04 2021

       So... the first two moon landings didn't actually happen, but they weren't hoaxes, either. They were just before the world came to be.   

       So that means that Apollo 13 was the first human spaceflight. And instead of being the first American in space, Alan Shepard was the first man to walk on the moon.   

       I don't know... it seems to turn the Creator from a "Just you and your 40th great-grand children wait and see" type to a "Here, hold my beer" type.
lurch, May 05 2021

       //this theory// It's not a theory, it's proven truth.
pocmloc, May 06 2021

       Surely it's absurd to say that the Earth was created in the past? There's no proof that the past (or indeed time) exists at all - it's far more reasonable to think that the entire universe is created instantaneously for just this moment, and then ceases to exist. Any 'memories' which you think represent the past or any predictions about the future are illusions. :-)
hippo, May 06 2021

       [hippo] That is demonstrably wrong because it is undeniably true that the world was created 1st Jan 1970. That undeniable truth is not consistent with your suggestion therefore your suggestion must be wrong.
pocmloc, May 06 2021

       Unless He was working in VBScript. But that would be so disappointing.
pertinax, May 06 2021


There's a lot of "come forth..." and "they went forth..." in the Bible which I think is a clue that the programming was done in Forth, which is pretty scary too
hippo, May 06 2021

       Assuming the act of creation was instantaneous. Assuming that creation propagates outwards in all directions at the speed of light. Assuming the universe is closed in 4 dimensions. At some point therefore the act of creation will go right around and hit us in the bum as it gets back to where it started. Where id it start? Hot research questions.
pocmloc, May 06 2021

pertinax, May 06 2021

       He probably worked in COBOL and used only 2-digit years. This is why we're experiencing so many issues they had in the 1920's all over again and explains the 1970 start. Gangsters, wild market swings, autocrats, nationalism...
RayfordSteele, May 07 2021

       Hey I never said that I was the Creator!
pocmloc, May 09 2021

       It's okay, [Poc] Everyone has a genocide or two in their closet.
Voice, May 26 2021


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