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Universe Regarding Festival

a stargazing festival
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Maybe we are missing something about the world by focusing on high tech and money and by not gazing at the whole sky without a telescope at night on a warm hillside, and not doing LSD, not that I would know anything about LSD having never done it but only because I couldn't find any.

Maybe there is useful knowledge to be gained by regarding the Universe without a telescope, by gazing at the whole sky on a totally clear night, when the weather is right, away from all the street lights.

There must be a best place in the world for stargazing.

I googled it but got caught in a deluge of "the 10 best..." sites with those advertisements and they must have conflicted because it bricked my machine and now I am outside, doing LSD and watching the stars.

No I'm not actually doing any LSD, but that is only because I cant find any.

Maybe it is Queensland Australia that is the best place in the world for stargazing. That would be convenient because the "Share!" festival staring Cher, and all of the other hot chicks in the world, and Jesus H Christ, will be going on there right before the inland Australian sea is created, lifting a cloud of warm air and a cloud of human flapping flying suited hot chicks and Jesus into the sky so that they can fornicate and control the earth's temperature forever.

So this is a festival or a part of a festival with the only purpose of: a huge group of people doing a lot of LSD and gazing at the whole sky in the best conditions in total silence, on a hillside.

Oh yeah and unfortunately for all of the other males in the world the huge group of people is going to be me and all of the females in the world in mathamatical order of hotness.

JesusHChrist, Nov 28 2016

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       And happy holy days to you lay person.
JesusHChrist, Nov 28 2016

       [ ]
beanangel, Nov 28 2016


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