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Unlimited Online Fighter

Unlimited! Online! Fighter!
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Online fighting game site, where you use a little downloaded piece of software to make your own 2D fighting version of anyone you fancy (including yourself) and upload them online for use by everyone. If it had a nice interface and was simple to configure it would be popular I feel, something like the WeeMee system but with your own images.

The site would eventually feature fighting versions of everyone in the world ever, including Popes and other celebrities, people

Pit soapstars again war veterans - kings against other kings etc.

It would also have global stats for which 2d Fighter was the most played, and which had won the most fights.

Danzarak, Jun 28 2005

Possible styling http://en.wikipedia...ational_Karate_Plus
[calum, Jun 29 2005]


       So, you get to upload your own image files? Cool. See you there. My transparent-bitmaps-man will kick your butt.
sophocles, Jun 28 2005

       You'll never defeat my John Cleese / Ronnie Barker pairing...!
Danzarak, Jun 28 2005

       It would.. a USB one the size of a house brick!
Danzarak, Jun 29 2005

       fqhwgads - I reckon there's something in that... I'd have another bash at it I reckon, and try an online model... see what happens.
Danzarak, Jun 29 2005

skinflaps, Jun 29 2005

       [admin: Idea renamed by removing exclamations. 'Unlimited! Online! Fighter!' -> 'Unlimited Online Fighter'].   

       Please don't use punctuation or capitalistion to draw attention to your idea.
st3f, Jun 29 2005

       OK... sorry... it was the style of the website really, not to draw peoples attention to the idea. My bad.   

       Actually I was going to call it UNLIMITED! ONLINE! FIGHTER! so that was a near miss.
Danzarak, Jun 29 2005

       I think this idea is a bit lame - however, I'm going to give it a bun anyway because I truly LOVE the idea of a housebrick-sized, USB exclamation key. Awesome.
zen_tom, Jun 29 2005

       Thanks zen_tom (I think)...   

       Also Calum - IK+ was one of my absolute favourites on Amiga - if only for typing in all the cheat words, or pressing T to have peoples trousers fall down mid-fight. That would be the level of realism I was looking for...
Danzarak, Jun 29 2005

       "My bad."
No problem.
st3f, Jun 29 2005

       Hmm. I saw that title puncuation as being okay but'll defer to st3f.
bristolz, Jun 29 2005


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