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User-Created Universe

Visit other worlds people have created
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OKAY! First, if they made a game like this already: LET ME KNOW. Anyways, wouldn't it be cool if there was a game, online and offline, where you created worlds, massive worlds, and people could visit them and you could visit others. It'd be a free-form game, with no real point, just to screw around in other worlds. You could visit as a visial character, or you could be invisible. It would be free of charge, and probably get money from donations. Maybe you'd get special priviledges or something if you donate I dunno. And it would have features live voice chat and just text chat, and if the creator gives permission, you could edit other people's worlds. Worlds would vary in size, from planet size to city size, and could be anything you wanted. There would be an in-game editor that you could use online or offline, like the game itself. So if you have narrowband Internet you can still download more worlds and create your own, and maybe populate them with NPCs, all playable offline. There would be different modes of gameplay, like maybe a Battle mode so you could fight other players, and maybe even an MMORPG-style mode. And, of course, you could play in freeform, with no rules unless the world's creator sets them. You could play in third-person, first-person, or gods-eye view. You could create worlds with simple pre-made structures and objects, or you could create your own with some sort of model creation method, preferably spline-based. You may also be able to create your own characters. But this would be reccomended for Broadband Internet users because of how many things you would have to download and upload to and from the server(s). This game would be a perfect place to make friends, meet your own friends, see what other people are creating, get ideas, and just to have fun.
KoolKat2500, Jul 01 2005

Not exactly a game... http://news.bbc.co....ci/tech/4600981.stm
[coprocephalous, Jul 01 2005]

Alpha Centauri http://www.lokigames.com/products/smac/
Game details [kuupuuluu, Jul 02 2005]

Active Worlds http://www.activeworlds.com/
[JesusHChrist, Jul 02 2005]

Gamespy.com: Massively Multiplayer Online Games http://archive.gamespy.com/amdmmog/
Good overview of the genre and its history. [jutta, Jul 02 2005]

there.com http://www.there.com/index.html
Not free, but then, none of the detailed ones are. [jutta, Jul 02 2005]

secondlife.com http://secondlife.com/
As mentioned by [5th earth]. [jutta, Jul 02 2005]

Croquet http://www.opencroquet.org/
collaborative, 3D, distributed, programmable, open source. But not exactly filled with teeny-appeal dazzle. [jutta, Jul 02 2005]

Flawless Universe: http://www.dancefro...0091891078_0_0.html
In Just Eight Days (eBook) [reensure, Jul 02 2005]

When virtual property goes baaad http://news.cnet.co...682,39189904,00.htm
[wagster, Jul 05 2005]


       Second Life lacks the upper-end scale, but otherwise fits this pretty closely.
5th Earth, Jul 01 2005

       You should try reading some of the fiction of William Gibson. In one of his stories, he describes a virtual Venice (i think) meticulously created by a girl's father, and handed down to her before he died. As she grows older, she spends her time in there whenever she wants to remember him.   

       I think it's a beautiful idea - I don't care how downloadable it is, all I think is important is that everything be customisable, and present as real an environment as possible. People could make them as gifts.   

       My brother and I used to make Doom levels for one another, swapping them like letters or postcards, each arrangement containing some secret graphics or message for the other.   

       It's a real shame that that kind of communication is only available to people willing to spend so long in front of a computer using cumbersome 3rd party tools to build a parochial and low-resolution virtual reality that doesn't translate very well across platforms, or time.   

       I would totally welcome some way to ease this form of expression - I give this idea a huge [+]
zen_tom, Jul 01 2005

       The Metaverse? Where billboards structures could sell for more than a metro city block. (Neil Stephenson's Metaverse).
Zimmy, Jul 01 2005

       You can buy digital items on EBAY nowadays. I think it's freakish, but I saw a freaking castle selling on there for 2,000 USD. I mean, it was a CASTLE! great deal, anyway.
daseva, Jul 01 2005

       Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri [see link] could be similiar to a base for this. Essentially you build your own civilization on a new planet. In your [Koolcat] version, you could offer the individual gamers the ability to visit other gamers' societies, both to learn from them, and to form 'interplanetary' relationships.   

       Could be interesting. +
kuupuuluu, Jul 02 2005

       Isn't this what Active Worlds is? (link)
JesusHChrist, Jul 02 2005

       \\how much time would you have to commit to creating a single world in the first place?\\. Precident says that 6 days is more than sufficient.   

       I love the concept of making your own world. It appeals to the deity in me.
hidden truths, Jul 02 2005

       Six days is only enough if you're really, really good.
david_scothern, Jul 05 2005

       [daseva] - there was a case in China recently where some gamer lent a valuable virtual sabre to a friend of his. Said friend flogged it on eBay for a fair amount, but was murdered for this by the original owner. EDIT - found link. The murderer was called Qiu. The dead man's father said: "We want Qiu to die, and immediately."
wagster, Jul 05 2005

       Me and my friends do this. We got bored of the regular version of Dungeons and Dragons so we started making up worlds of our own. It's amazingly addictive. [+]
CloakedBeauty, Jul 05 2005

       [Cloaked], just don't go killing anybody. You crazy gaming world addicts!
daseva, Jul 05 2005

       [wagster] That's amazing. It says Qiu went to the police first to file a theft complaint.
Zimmy, Jul 05 2005


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