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Unrestricted Warfare: The Game

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'Unrestricted Warfare' was a book written in 1999 by two Colonels of the People's Liberation Army, about how a country, such as China, could defeat a more technologically advanced country, such as America, without resorting to weapons (mainly due to the fact that America, in all likelihoods, would win). This included things such as lawfare, economic warfare, terrorism and network warfare.

I propose and internet-based game in which two or more people are put against each other by getting assigned with a country, and these people have to attempt either that most ambitious of all goals, world domination, or to become a superpower.

The clincher of this would be to meld the real with the fiction, with people really into the game reading the economics sections of the newspapers in an attempt to gain an upper hand (I think it would be appropriate if people who mimic 'their' countries' tactics gain extra points). So I suspect that the person who joins the game would get assigned with its current economic and legal status, and the fictitious stock market loosely follows the real stock market.

froglet, Jun 17 2006

Unrestricted Warfare: The Book http://en.wikipedia...nrestricted_Warfare
I love the whole idea of this book... [froglet, Jun 17 2006]


       The gameplay would have to be very intuitive to be compelling. I want depth in my games, and I find this a good idea, but it would take work to make economics and "lawfare" a compelling gameplay model.   

       So, register the domain and get crackin'. I love this site for ideas, but things like this are easy to get started beyond just the "hey whatif phase".
ironfroggy, Jun 17 2006

       I just thought that this would be a weird way to learn about economies and world domination at the same time. I didn't really think about it having an outcome, unless you decide to go against the grain and start a nuclear war.
froglet, Jun 17 2006

       [ironfroggy], most of the ideas here could be baked by someone with the correct knowledge. Just because it's online, people tend to infer that it's as simple as you suggest. Unless our dear [froglet] here is a professional programmer, I'd guess that she couldn't really bake it. This sounds far too complicated for someone without serious indepth knowledge about making online games (feel free to prove me wrong if so [froglet])
hidden truths, Jun 17 2006

       But you don't get it, froggy. The way to win is to keep your opponents in the dark.   

       Way too much dangerous information. Expect the NSA to track your game masters...
RayfordSteele, Jun 17 2006

       Unfortunately as my programming knowledge goes mainly to making websites using notepad and Intermediate 2 Computing visual basic coursework and that's about it, I could never in reality bake it. Which is why I posted it on halfbakery instead.   

       Nothing on the net is simple, I used to host my own site until those annoying things such as school and exams and the not-so-annoying such as partying got in the way. Therefore I cannot prove [hidden truths] wrong unless I had some form of game building tool and a lot of free time.   

       [RayfordSteele] - My mind has been drawn to a situation such as this, and all I can say to that is 'viva la censorship.'
froglet, Jun 17 2006


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