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Unofficial Office of Scambusting

Hire scambaiters and make a force of them
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There are already police who work to stop scammers, but they're part of other sections, working with tools intended for other purposes, and not focused exclusively on the problem of scammers. This half-hearted attempt is worthy but far from complete.

Operating from donations, but with legal blessing from the courts, this organization would raise scambaiting to a new level. A volunteer call center would contain hundreds of professional scambaiters and operators. They would make outgoing calls to scammers call centers and they would have a number to forward scam calls to. A common set of tools would make this process much more efficient, rigorous, and legally viable.

The organization would work with banks, hosting providers, VOIP and POTS companies, and law enforcement to track scamming call centers and investigate their physical locations and real personnel over time, such that it could be proven a company in one place was set up by the same person who started a different company in a different place. It would gather evidence and put together whole completed cases to hand to law enforcement/internal affairs for arrests, focusing on the ringleaders and corrupt officials who really make it happen. All laws of evidence and constitutionality in each jurisdiction would be maintained.

A second branch of the charity would focus on informing the public of the latest methods and lies scammers use. It would put up billboards and advertisements, run a large, stable web page, and talk with community leaders to get the word out not just about the well-known tactics but how scammers operate in general.

Voice, Apr 30 2021

Definition of quango https://www.bing.co...BR&pc=MOZI&q=quango
The opposite of this idea: it gets its funding from the government and direction from elsewhere [Voice, Apr 30 2021]


       //legal blessing from the courts//   

       How would this part work? Would Justice Kavanagh, for example, raise two fingers while murmuring "te absolvo, te absolvo"? Would the ICJ in The Hague sprinkle holy water over the unofficial officers?   

       I think you might be confusing the functions of different branches of government.   

       What you want is for (1) diplomats, cabinet ministers, etc., in various countries to agree on what this body should be allowed to do, then (2) legislatures to make any necessary amendments to existing laws to allow them to do those things. Those will be the difficult parts. Getting judges to apply the laws as amended should be the easy part, relatively speaking.
pertinax, Apr 30 2021

       //I think you might be confusing the functions of different branches of government//   

       Where do you live that the church is a branch of government? aside from conspiracy theories & disgruntled anti church rhetoric not meant to be taken seriously of course.   

       //anti church rhetoric not meant to be taken seriously//   

       I don't live there myself but have to admit I do visit.
Skewed, Apr 30 2021

       So, yet another unelected quango with little oversite from or accountability to those that are elected? we've been trying to get rid of those in the UK so you might have problems there, appears to have great potential to become yet another carriage of the gravy train though so you never know, if you can get me on the board of directors I'll bun it ;p
Skewed, Apr 30 2021

       //How would (legal blessing) work?//   

       //legislatures to make any necessary amendments to existing laws to allow them to do those things.//
Voice, Apr 30 2021

       What gravy train, [Skewed], that you couldn't find in any charity? Did you miss the part about "Operating from donations"?
Voice, Apr 30 2021

       //Did you miss the part about "Operating from donations"?//   

       How does the funding model have anything to do with if something's a gravy train or not?   

       Put another way, why would a gravy train turn its nose up at donations & how does it make it not-a-gravy-train if it doesn't?   

       //What gravy train, [Skewed], that you couldn't find in any charity?//   

       Wasn't that my point? that we already have enough scammers masquerading as do-gooders, or did you somehow miss that?
Skewed, Apr 30 2021

       I missed that: I thought you were talking about parts of the bureaucracy. Although I got a little confused when you implied there's some success at getting rid of them.   

       So you think charities shouldn't exist?
Voice, Apr 30 2021

       I think far too many charities are functionally little more than scams to enrich their founders & directors, not quite the same thing.
Skewed, Apr 30 2021

       //I got a little confused when you implied there's some success at getting rid of them// Oops my bad, didn't mean to imply that, it's not really true after all :)   

       There are frequent recurring bouts of noise about them being got rid of or reduced is all that can honestly be said, success as you so rightly point out is another thing entirely.
Skewed, Apr 30 2021


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