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Urban Referee

An Official who Patrols the City
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A person in a striped shirt who carefully observes citizens going about their business and scrutinizes the crowds, searching for misdemeanors.

For example, if a person is spotted littering, the referee would blow his whistle, run to the offender, and show a yellow card, then resume officiating.

(Should belong under law:enlightment, 'cause there's no actual enforcement here, but I guess this category will do.)

Cuit_au_Four, Sep 24 2005

Crime - Community Safety http://www.homeoffi...me/communitysafety/
(according to the UK Home Office) [angel, Sep 24 2005]

Mayor of Bogota uses mimes for public behavior control http://boingboing.n...of-bogota-uses.html
Currently a candidate for president [LoriZ, May 31 2010]


       Around here, we use MFDs, scathing remarks, and the occasional odd reference to esoteric arcana beyond the average person's experience or education. Seems to work most of the time.
jurist, Sep 24 2005

       what about the suburbs? i know a few areas of outer sydney where someone walking about wearing suspenders and knee high socks blowing whistles would be quickly bludgeoned, put to bed and then buried.
benfrost, Sep 24 2005

       We have 'Community Support Officers' and 'Neighbourhood Wardens' in UK (linky for details). They're about as much use as you might expect them to be.
angel, Sep 24 2005

       Would you get to try for a field goal if you had a brilliant idea?
Almafeta, Sep 24 2005


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