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Wired animals to hunt narcotics labs

Train some strong wild animal to look for narcotic labs in the jungle and wire it with gps+camera
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I just came up with an idea to make drug lab searching easier. We could train some animal, that is used to environment, where narcolabs are usually build, then wire it with gps tracker and camera and let it free to roam and search for the labs. Dogs, cats, pigs are trained already, but not with such scale, so why cant we make drug lab searching easier like that?
dreamtechnics, Oct 14 2011

The Aye-aye http://www.huffingt...umber=2#slide_image
Rather odd-looking... [RayfordSteele, Oct 14 2011]

How to spot a meth lab... http://wifeofasailo...to-spot-a-meth-lab/
[xandram, Oct 14 2011]


       Would this be for searching out labs in other countries? Because we already have an excellent domestically born- and-bred animal used for this purpose here at home: the stool-pigeon.
Alterother, Oct 14 2011

       Misread as Weird animals to hunt narcotics labs. "We're close to the perp's source lab, men. Cry havoc and let loose the aye-ayes, platypi, chinchillas, and mole salamanders!"
RayfordSteele, Oct 14 2011

       [Rayford] Aye-Aye-Aye!! That is one strange animal!!
xandram, Oct 14 2011

       Your flippant idea is in danger of ruining a perfectly good illegitimate industry and send it up in smoke. I urge you to stop to consider how many will be out of work because of your rash suggestion.
Ah Supp, Oct 14 2011

              //From the outside, it looks like a normal house or hunting lodge//      

       Around here, a meth lab looks like a normal abandoned trailer home or tarpaper shack with a stolen generator belching smoke around back. The well-kempt and cheerful family-style homes equipped with 3-phase power are mostly indoor pot-growing operations. They must have a better class of tweaker in [21]'s neck of the woods.
Alterother, Oct 14 2011

       maybe your pot-growers could give ours some tips: ones up here are rarely well kempt.
FlyingToaster, Oct 14 2011

       The best way to not attract attention is to not attract attention. Nobody thinks twice when they see a well- groomed home. It's pretty simple.   

       Then again, marijuana is Maine's No. 3 cash crop (behind potatos and blueberries), so commercial growers here may be a bit more well-heeled.
Alterother, Oct 14 2011

       This might be better for finding the product in a smuggling situation, rather than the labs themselves.   

       In Canada our hydro tips off the people that are suspiciously consumptive. Police then use helicopters with thermal imaging to tell if all of the heat is coming from one one section of the house, which might indicate a lab. The use of hydro companies as tipsters is very effective unless the lab is small, or the person supplements their power use though generators or whatever.
bob, Oct 15 2011

       It works that way here, too, but all the authorities in Maine have a serious hard-on for busting meth rings, so the careful growers don't have much to fear. Oh, and here the police or DEA have to subpeona the power usage records.
Alterother, Oct 16 2011

       Fragmentation grenades, it would seem.
Alterother, Oct 16 2011

       In Noo Zeeland (spelt the American way) there is the "Legalize Cannabis" political party. I am all for voting them into power and sending the country to pot. My son along with friends visited a coffee house in Amsterdam, in their ignorance, actually asked for coffees. The waiter went into a flat spin and almost choked.
Ah Supp, Oct 17 2011

       //I am all for voting them into power//   

       Don't be so Brash.
methinksnot, Oct 17 2011

       //Fragmentation grenades, it would seem.//   

       The happiest day of my life was the day I was issued two frags (circa 2004). The saddest day was when I had to turn them back in (circa 2005).
MikeD, Oct 17 2011

       Me also thinks not, Meth,ink.snot. I was referring to the original "Legalize Cannabis Party." If Brash means what he says, He can have my party vote.
Ah Supp, Oct 17 2011

       I'd like to update my idea for some people-animals should be trained to search (e.g. sniff) for drugs and, if they find something, maybe they could be trained to do some specific behavior to trigger the alarm on monitors' computers. I would like to stress another main thing-they should be wanderers-go free across the landscape, seeking for smells of drug labs. Also, one more possibility-a sniffing machine attached to the animal, that, when feeling drug- or lab-specific smell, would start alarming. Main point- a man would never walk, run, fly as much as animals do.
dreamtechnics, Dec 09 2011

       // animals should be trained to search (e.g. sniff) for drugs and, if they find something, maybe they could be trained to do some specific behavior //   

       Baked and cooled, my friend.
Alterother, Dec 11 2011

       I assumed you were giving drugs to animals; I pictured a grizzly wandering around going "I'm so wired! Where can I get some meth to take the edge of the come-down?"
spidermother, Dec 11 2011


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