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Upside-Down Mobile

Balloons bob and bump in the slightest breeze
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Tired of your fatigued houseplant? Want to perk up a party table with an upturned chandelier? The upside-down, helium-filled mobile is a gas to watch and educational for the kids too. The tastefully colored balloons, made from low-leakage foil, come in various forms: spheres, cubes, egg-shapes, etc. They strain against a base, via tiers of strings/ribbons and cross ribs/wires.
FarmerJohn, Jul 20 2002

Fall Up Fall_20Up
elaboration on this mobile, also by FJ [swimswim, Jun 22 2009]


       See if you can grab a croissant off this floating serving tray
thumbwax, Jul 20 2002

       Or you could get one of those upside down mobiles that uses the heat from a lamp to flutter tissue paper.
DrCurry, Jul 21 2002


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