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Square Balls

like trapped tumbleweed
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Yesterday I looked down to watch an asphalt patch between buildings, where the changing wind caused some yet-enduring, autumn leaves to dance like whirling dervishes. Between the angled windbreaks, mini cyclones and constant regroupings staged a botanic ballet.

Instead of leaves, ping-pong-type balls could roll in a low-walled square or an unused area between buildings. Different colored balls could have different weights to encourage color congregation.

Like a dynamic pointillist painting, a circle of mostly powder blue might be surrounded by a swirling beige spiral, while dots of dark blue loitered in the corners.

FarmerJohn, Mar 22 2003

Silver Clouds - Andy Warhol http://www.warhol.o...rm_collections.html
Warhol created an environment that included one room filled with silver helium-filled balloons which moved with the air currents. [xaviergisz, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


Pericles, Mar 22 2003

       I really appreciate your ideas, Farmer
thumbwax, Mar 22 2003

       feel good factor +100 ?
po, Mar 22 2003

       I propose that you do this with that biodegradable cellulose packing material. You would need to figure out how to color them without dissolving them - maybe a spray of food coloring in 100% rubbing alcohol?   

       The stuff is cheap. Coloring them would be the work of an afternoon - tomorrow? Then pour those babies right onto that asphalt patch you were watching. No need to build a dedicated spot - you will never get the air currents right. When the experiment is over, your participants will vanish with the next rain.   

       Please be sure to film it so we can all see how it turns out.
bungston, Mar 22 2003

       Visionary! +++
I'm imagining the scene with twirling fall leaves of different colors morphing into an even broader color pallette of natural and organic shapes.
Your description also reminds me of a couple of very visual, painterly movies: What Dreams May Come with Robin Williams, and Waking Life(?)

Now on the other hand (or other shoulder), the curmudgeon by my left ear whispers that the problem with humans is we always try to take what's beautiful in nature and copy it with something artificial. You can't replace serendipity and the thrill of the moment with something planned and staged. Like comparing fireworks to a sudden thunderstorm on the plains, etc. Everyone has an example.
The other voices say 'duh, that's what artists do all the time!'
roby, Mar 22 2003

       Ah, but will it tell time?

       Delishuz. It's an art to make words *see* a picture. You are gifted in this way. +
k_sra, Apr 29 2003

       A great idea perhaps improved if inner city dwellers were forced to grow ping pong ball trees instead of those pesky other ones
tasman, Jul 19 2004

       I agree with [2fries] -- perhaps a fan could be added so that the center-of-mass of the cloud of balls revolves around the square and tells the time.
phundug, Jul 20 2004

       This idea sucks, and the buns challenge the integrity of the bakery. halfbaked esotericism never smelled so raunchy.
daseva, Jul 20 2004

       Where does the square come in?
energy guy, Jul 20 2004

       yes oh momma yes
etherman, Jul 20 2004

       Wow. Apparently this mostly (as i've noticed anyway) scientific community feels the need to challenge an idea simply because it is art. WOW   

       my opinions: - most, if not all, outdoor and medium based performance art is seasonal to some degree - i dont think art discredits the HalfBakers at all, i think it expands their horizons   

       Congratulations Farmer John, you evoked a feeling of beauty without even showing us.
countzero, Jul 20 2004


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