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you are looking at this

A red dot or a small rectangle shows where people are looking
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You stop at a red light and stare at a sign. A camera above the sign notices you are looking at the sign and calculates what part of the sign you are staring at.

Now you notice that you are controlling a little triangle or red dot with your eyes, and start interacting with the sign.

This is where the novelty of the advertisers comes into use, but it is beyond the first half of the baking of this idea.

pashute, Jun 04 2020


       I like it but only if it's not used for advertising.
sninctown, Jun 05 2020

       1. Useful prompt to look away and not engage with the system   

       2. What if two people look at the sign? Would this be better implemented on a home tele-screen type setup?
pocmloc, Jun 05 2020

       //If two people look// Pong game.   

       Really, the calculation has to be done without the bias of control if the advertisers want clean data on which bits of the sign work better.   

       //not used for advertising// Behavioural change glasses might be a valid implementation. Mild electric shock optional.
wjt, Jun 06 2020

       No need for electric shock. You have enough shock when a person realizes everybody knows what he or she is looking at. Also multiple red dots make it all the more interesting.
pashute, Jun 08 2020

       In a crowd, embarrassment is shielded. Maybe, the dots are the same colour as the glasses or a same colour dot is placed on lookers forehead?
wjt, Jun 08 2020

       A you would actually need is lots of stickers that say "you are looking at this" and the system works itself. You could make millions selling the system to advertisers who are none the wiser.
TheBamforth, Jun 09 2020

       When I was young I had a large fluorescent yellow pin badge which had very small black writing in the middle saying "stop looking at my badge"
pocmloc, Jun 09 2020

       I’m imagining a sort of laser tag to alleviate the boredom of being transported in a self driving car.
lingamish, Jul 09 2021

       What [sninctown] said.
Voice, Jul 10 2021


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