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Transparent Cockroaches

Live in spectacle cases, lay eggs on lens cloths.
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Not quite sure why. It just came to me.

I think you could do this as a throw-away sight gag in a surreal horror film, using CGI; hence the category.

Off to bed now.

pertinax, Jun 02 2006


       I'm sorry, just no.
Germanicus, Jun 02 2006

       Original, but trivial. Meh.
kevinthenerd, Jun 02 2006

jellydoughnut, Jun 02 2006

       What a quirky idea. Are the cockroaches invisible, and live on glasses? Everything about this is crazy, but I LOVE it.
spiritualized, Jun 02 2006

       2 questions.   

       Why? and How?
DesertFox, Jun 02 2006

       I like this - original and different. so +
xenzag, Jun 03 2006

       [Fox], both the how and the why are restricted to horror films in the first instance.   

       However, if someone wants to play Genetic Modification (frowned upon in this bakery, I know), I believe there is already such a thing as transparent chitin (which is what the outside of an insect is made of). That just leaves the insides. I suppose we could settle for a bug whose insides you can see, but that wasn't what I originally pictured; I was imagining something that you might mistake for lenses of some sort, until it moved.   


       Well, it's probably just as well that I went to bed at that point.
pertinax, Jun 03 2006

       Now that you have explained it, the mystery has gone - so you loose that + sometimes it's best to stay silent. (a lesson I never learned).
xenzag, Jun 03 2006

       Breeding cockroaches in transparent environment would make them colored in the splochy tones of whatever's beneath them.   

       And for the 'why?'. If scientific history has taught us anything, it is that if there's a 'how,' a 'why' is disregarded.
jellydoughnut, Jun 03 2006

       I dunno. Sounds kinda fun to me. +
DrCurry, Jun 03 2006

       It's just occurred to me, rather belatedly, that another raison d'etre for these creatures would be to infest [benfrost]'s jam cupboard.
pertinax, Aug 07 2006

       If you bred them in the gloom of some kind of cave environment, they might loose their pigmentation over time.
zen_tom, Aug 07 2006

       They would lose their pigmentation, leaving them bone white. As if they weren't revolting enough.   

       Now, better than that: Get the entire bug totally transparent, and it's nowhere near as revolting to have a cockroach infestation in your house: if you can't see them, they must not be there.   

       "The Diaphanous Bug Blattidae of Traal."
elhigh, Aug 07 2006


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