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Uptime script

Perl script that figures uptime, posts on webpage, and pipes output to lcd screen.
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Say a perl script that pings five servers (redundency), and prints a 0 in a txt file if none of them respond, or a 1 if atleast one of them responds. The scipt then adds the numbers together, and devides the number it just got by the total amount of numbers. This will get you a network uptime percentage. Figure the percentage out to six decimal points, and have the script post it to your index. This would be great for a web hosting corperation, as you could proudly display your uptime on your site,

We have %99.672538 uptime!

The files would have to be trimmed so it wouldn't do anything horrible to stability and/or proformance. It would also be neat if it piped its output to a lcd screen on your computer, just glance down and see your uptime. Maybe add a uptime timer too.

bbot, Feb 23 2003

HostingScene http://www.hostingscene.com/
HostingScene Web Site [Xymbiant, Oct 04 2004]

(??) Xurion http://www.xurion.nl
Xurion Free Hpstomg [dirkjandijkstra, Jan 22 2007]


       Up-time is a simpler calculation than that. Just post the time your servers are online (i.e., not down for maintenance).   

       Whether your server can ping other servers, or other servers can ping it, depends on all sorts of network availability. It is a useful statistic, and an indicator of problems, but more so for real time data than for site accessibility.
DrCurry, Feb 23 2003

       This is what I do for a living--write software that does this stuff. And jutta is right, its not quite as trivial as it seems at first glance, if you really want to do it right.
krelnik, Feb 24 2003

       Aren't you really going to have to do something a little more than just ping the server? You'll have to process some kind of request, like a GET to actually find out of the server is indeed "up" for serving a website or just pingable.
Noexit, Jan 22 2007


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