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internet speed icon

always at bottom of screen
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This icon ,shaped like Speedy Gonzales, stops saying andele when connection drops below certain speed.

No doubt you mac users and internet geeks know exactly how fast your connection is. Me, I am happy with windows. I just click and look. That is the extent of my computer skill.

So I watch movies on sites like youtube and google video and lately they are a lot slower in downloading to the point that the downloading speed is lower that the viewing speed.

This when I am used to being able to fast forward, as it were.I would like to see a small icon at the bottom of my screen to tell me if my connection is indeed running at the speed I pay my provider for.I have my doubts and am unable to check.

zeno, Apr 11 2008

broadbandreports.com speed test http://www.dslreports.com/stest
Check here. [Spacecoyote, Apr 11 2008]


       A digital speedometer? Either he's saying andele or he's not.   

       I suggest something more analogue.
Texticle, Apr 11 2008

       Great idea. Technically speaking, you need to try the speed to know what's available, which means doing a bit of internet use.   

       It should be peer-to-peer. You could connect to a handful of nodes, and then regularly transfer 1Mb files full of random bytes in order to test how fast they can be uploaded and downloaded.   

       For example, it could connect to a representative sample of 25 nodes and upload a 1Mb file to each whilst downloading a 1Mb file from each, repeating this every five minutes. Obviously less than every five minutes if the transfers don't get completed within the five minute period.   

       With a good line and a fair wind, you could test at least 200Gb of extra bandwidth a month, both upstream and downstream.   

       As the service users increase, the speed of the internet should slow to a very slow crawl, forcing ISPs to increase their bandwidth provision.   

       Once you notice that ISPs are providing lots of nice juicy bandwidth in a last ditch attempt to get things moving, a remote trigger could be fired, disabling the entire network of speed-measuring devices and leaving all internet users with blazing fast bandwidth provision to allow them to stream whatever they want whenever they want as fast as their line will go.
vincevincevince, Apr 11 2008

       [vince^3] Try it, you'll be thwarted by your ISPs traffic shaping software.   

       + for the idea of a easier throughput meter.
Spacecoyote, Apr 11 2008

       I am now rather taken aback. I was under the impression that the icon in the notification area of the two PCs flashed faster when the internet connection was faster. Clearly this is not so. I'm not generally that naive about IT stuff and i'm really astonished.
nineteenthly, Apr 11 2008

       I have not seen Speedy since the mid 1980s. I think he was expelled from the WB pantheon out of cultural correctness.
bungston, Apr 11 2008

       On windows, just go to task manager*, and click on the networking tab. You get a nice graph over time showing exactly what you're looking for.   

       *taskmanager is found in a few ways, either by right-clicking on the task bar, or hitting ctrl-alt-del and selecting it.   

       This method is better than on-line speed tests, because the speed test could be running AT THE SAME TIME as other network loads (background spyware, your videos, etc), and thus wouldn't give an accurate total reading.
sophocles, Apr 15 2008

       For in much wisdom is much grief; and he who increases knowledge increases sorrow.   

       Ecclesiastes 1:18   

daseva, Jun 27 2008

po, Jun 27 2008


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