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Urban Explorers For Safety

safari guides for urban jungles
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I think urban exploring is cool, but it could also be very useful. say an urban explorer is arrested and charged for trespassing. he then has a choice. he can work for the municipal government or pay the fee. in his community service, he is given a busy office building as a project. his job is to work with security and janitors to learn every way in out and around the building. blueprints are good, but often enough there's an overlooked in that can only be spotted by an experienced urban explorer, especially in cities in europe, where buildings are many centuries old and built on other buildings. the explorer can spot things that are simply not written in blueprints.

the information is compiled in a small booklet, each one floor specific. each booklet is placed in an alarmed glass box not unlike fire axes. then in the even t of emergency, thoise in the building can consult the book for advice. where to go if there's fire, flood, earthquake, tornado, a hostage situation, terrorism, a virus outbreak, a backstreet boys reunion concert, a godzila attack, a death-of-the- firstborn-males plague, an alien invasion, a declaration of war from a foreign country, a sale on stylish slacks across town or any other horrible disaster. refering to the guidebook lets the in habitants know the quickest way out from any given point in the building.

at the fire station and police station, and index of these booklets is kept, in the event that rescue teams or tactical squads need to gain entry to the building.

a very good explorer could probably join the force with the sole job of planning exits and entries to buildings.

schematics, Aug 28 2004

http://www.halfbake.../www.geocaching.com Klaatu's link [jurist, Oct 17 2004]

What Urban Exploration is. http://en.wikipedia...i/Urban_exploration
The wikipedia entry is pretty thorough. [Aude Sapere, Oct 17 2004]

A link http://www.halfbake...ety/addlink#addlink
A link to add a link [DesertFox, Oct 17 2004]


       I'm fascinated by urban exploration. In the future, perhaps this will be more likely. At the moment, though, the authorities don't seem to want the masses to know you can stray past the 'no trespassing' signs and come back alive. [+]
Aude Sapere, Aug 28 2004

       There is a fun (and probably safer) way to do urban exploring. <link>
Klaatu, Aug 28 2004

       With the way judges are sewer systems would be mapped out in months! This idea needs to address property issues before I will vote for it. I don't want to report someone on my property and then get a government order to let them "explore". I like urban exploring but go fish.
Around TUIT, Aug 28 2004

       Maybe I'm not hip, here, but what exactly is "Urban Exploration" ? I mean, I drive up to Baltimore and wander around and cause a little trouble . . . what is the book for?
contracts, Aug 28 2004

       This is the internet, [contracts]. If you have an aversion to Google, I appended the wikipedia entry.
Aude Sapere, Aug 28 2004


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