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Urine Disposal Unit

Dumps piss (urine)from vehicle
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It is well known,(in Canada) ,that truck drivers and others do not always take the time to stop and relieve themselves at rest areas.Instead they use their coffee cup, usually paper,to empty their bladder in to.They then proceed to throw the now full cup out of their vehicle.I propose a hose which leads from in front of the drivers seat to below the floor pan of the vehicle in which the driver can relieve himself.This would not only aid in the safe transportation of goods but would also help in the melting of snow in the winter months.As for female drivers,come up with your own idea.
python, Mar 27 2004


       Forgot to mention. Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me!!!
python, Mar 27 2004

       You can get hoses for discreet urination - use one of those and don't bother with this stuff on your birthday.
DrCurry, Mar 27 2004

       The hose could replenish your windscreen washer.
simonj, Mar 27 2004

       I'm picturing driving down a snow covered highway with a yellow line down the center of the lane.   

       It would also spray a following vehicle with urine. Hope your windows are up.
Nitehawk, Mar 27 2004

       Oh yeah, thanks for the definition of piss as well.
simonj, Mar 27 2004

       Happy birthday, to you, here is a specially aged fishbone. If you add a collection container to your idea it may change to a fresh croissant.
kbecker, Mar 27 2004

       The hose would start smelling pretty soon and whole cabin would smell like a toilet.
Pellepeloton, Sep 14 2006

       Wear a condom catheter. Route it through a hole in the floor.
Freefall, Sep 14 2006

       I'm guessing that this has not been formally invented for the same reasons that they no longer flush train toilets directly onto the track.   

       Let's hear it for public sanitation. Can I get a hell yeah?
ye_river_xiv, Sep 14 2006


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