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Urophagist Bar

A Place Where Discriminating Drinkers Can Sample Product From Around The World!
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Product selection is very limited for Urophagists. Until now. Here is a place where Urophagists can sample exclusive selections from all around the world.

I would like to point out a special section in the corner where you can sample selections from the You're-A-Peein'-Union --- all the selections cost the same, but some of the bottles are prone to collapse.

You can even take home a bottle for use in an upcoming workplace drug test! (If you are taking a bottle home for this purpose, I would suggest avoiding certain brands; ask your bartender for a recommendation.)

And don't forget to wander into the gift shop where you can find a wide variety of specially designed catheters with sipping tubes for marathon runner Urophagists --- sure to be a hit!

Please drink responsibly. Not sold in stores. Void into bottles.

Grogster, Nov 06 2011

http://www.ureasample.com/ Well, I can see how there's a market for this. [jutta, Nov 07 2011]

http://atlasobscura...-tong-zi-niao-jidan This one I have more trouble with. [jutta, Nov 10 2011]


       Georges Brassens had this idea in _La Tour des Miracles_ . The urine of diabetics (mellitus, not insipidus) was especially prized.   

       (Not, obviously, widely known, let alone WK2E.)
mouseposture, Nov 06 2011

       Um... pardon my ignorance of the subject but, don't folks only drink their own?
I had read that in ancient times tasting a patients' urine was a way to diagnose diabetes, (or sugar sickness) because of its sweetness, but do people actually drink other peoples' urine on purpiss?

       [Grayure] has of course appeared on 't telly quaffing pints of her own wizz, but reindeer wee at least is popular in some circles too, and in other circles of an erotic nature, so is drinking other humans'.
nineteenthly, Nov 06 2011

Us talkin monkeys are just an endless source of wonderment.

       //wonderment// [WildlyOffTopic] A friend and I were once in a supermarket, looking at the after dinner mints. There was one called "Entertain-mint" (geddit? Haw haw). We ended up sitting on the floor, making up names that they really should have, such as "Dismember-mint", and laughing ourselves silly (as you do). A small child pointed at us, said "Mummy, they're funny!" and laughed along with us. We've pretty much rested on our laurels ever since - justifiably, I feel. [/WOT]
spidermother, Nov 06 2011

       [grog] did you consider the option of not posting this idea?
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 06 2011

       So, no pale ale for you, then?
Grogster, Nov 07 2011

       "Me and me mates went out and got right pissed last night."   

       "But you were stone sober when you came home."   


ytk, Nov 07 2011

       No, you're a phagist!
rcarty, Nov 07 2011

       Synthetic uirine should be possible for those who don't want this kind of intimacy.
rcarty, Nov 07 2011

       Does anyone these days ever stop to consider that there may be some needs which should remain unmet?
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 07 2011

       Only the very need to not need.
rcarty, Nov 07 2011

       They wouldn't be needs then, [MB]. I would express the thought as something like "some things are only apparent needs". Alternatively, maybe they are needs but they shouldn't be met because they're only relative. For instance, if i'd recorded lots of Big Brother, i might "need" another disc or tape or a larger hard drive to continue, but i shouldn't continue. Then again, it would probably be over the top to ban all recording media just in case someone recorded Big Brother on it.   

       It's like the Betamax decision i think, but why someone would think it was a good idea to provide clean urine samples, i don't know. Maybe they just want to avail themselves of the opportunity to have a cardiologist operate on them while tripping on acid or something.
nineteenthly, Nov 07 2011

       Baked. 'Natural Light.'
RayfordSteele, Nov 07 2011

       [ytk]: "Me and me mates went out and got right pissed last night."   

       Shouldn't the phrase be "piss drunk"?
nick_n_uit, Nov 10 2011

       That link [jutta]...
Dang there are some strange human practices. It makes me wonder about the first time it was done.

       "Yuan! The eggs you make very bad. Lacking in flavor and discipline. Would be better if boiled in number-one-son's piss!"
"Yes Asshole-san, right away Asshole-san."

       //Synthetic uirine should be possible for those who don't want this kind of intimacy.//   

       If your going to quaff piss, scruples shouldn't even come in to it.
MikeD, Nov 12 2011


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