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Vice City

The house always wins...
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Living in a country where gambling is illigal, I've found myself thinking of ways to fuse together my (only) two vices: Drinking and gambling. Agreed this is a distructive path, but at least I'm not in denial, and I have learned that moderation is key.

Anyhow...picture this

You walk into "Vice City" and exchange your money for drink-chips at the cashiers desk.

There are three trypes of chips: Beer&wine, house spirits(vodka, whiskey etc), and premium (champaign, congac etc) - All priced according to the average industry standard.

Now there's a fork in your evenings path.

1) You can either go to the trendy bar area saturated with beautiful people, good music and delectable amuse bouche, and cash in your drink chips for x-amount of bevvies.


2) you can take to the Roulette, Poker, Blackjack, Craps, tables to gamble your drink chips for more (drink chips). Then head to the bar (or not).

Either way, sales for the bar are calculated at industry average, hence (profit), and because the house always wins, sales of chips taken to the tables refelct casino-style revenues (much profit).

So for nights where you're broke, or unsure about drinking, head over to Vice City and buy just one chip. take to the tables and see where fate takes you. It could turn out to be a budget blast, or you could end up spending your last cent/penny busting 21.

Whatever you decide, you'll either end up leaving sober and poor, or drunk and poor. House really always does win. Its a proved business model.

shinobi, Dec 14 2006


       So, like disney dollars, but not quite for the happiest place on earth.   

       Can you exchange your drink chips back for money or not?
hidden truths, Dec 14 2006

       Shinobi has yet again come up with another bun of an idea, especially in ME countries where gambelling is both illegal and frowned upon. Putting drinks into different classes is great, as you could start the night having a few beers, then move onto shots, mixers - then you could move onto trying your luch at poker, and see how your night goes. In addtion you could tie this drink chips into bar games, such as pool, darts and other classisc bar games, where instead of cash is used, you can challenge your opponents to pool for pints, which is think is genius. I like this idea so much that i hope that it is a reallity soon... Any Takers ??
Dmedia, Dec 15 2006

       I know that the game is rigged, but I'll play... 'cause it's the only game in town.   

       Going out generally is a proven business model. You pay for ridiculously overpriced drinks, "pay for the ambiance/atmosphere/whatever", leave with significantly less money, house always wins. And the next weekend you come back for more. With this idea, at least you have the illusion of a chance.
Veho, Dec 15 2006

       The games aren't rigged Veho. I dont know what has got you thinking that. It's the simple probability vs greed dimention that makes it a profitable business. Casinos in the states turnover far more than casinos in the far east, mainly due to the fact that chinese are superstitious, and are rarely greedy, thus loose less money less often. Please dont anyone ask me to find a link for this, because it's really just an anecdote.
shinobi, Dec 16 2006

       I think I get the idea but I might be missing something. When you go to a casino what is the difference if you buy chips that allow you to drink and gamble or if you buy chips that allow you to gamble and spend your winnings on drinks anyway?
Chefboyrbored, Dec 16 2006

       This sounds like a casino where you can buy drinks with your chips. I guess its not gambling because you can't turn the chips back into cash without walking into the parking lot and making a transaction.
bungston, Dec 16 2006

       Nothing wrong with that Bungston. So the guy in the parking lot buys the chips only to come back in and   

       1) Get shit-faced instead of the other guy   

       2) try his luck at the tables and probably loose.   

       This brings incentive for people to come and win drinks to sell off for money. I dont care, its not on my neck. There's a black-market in every industry, and the casino is no exception.
shinobi, Dec 16 2006


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