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Utility knife blade sharpener

'In-and-Out' honing stone
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I frequently use a utility knife at work (the kind that has a sliding lever at the top that extends or retracts the blade), and am forever replacing dulled blades.

How about incorporating a small honing stone in the handle, so that every time the blade is retracted/extended, it 'self-sharpens'? Maybe the stones could have very small springs behind them to keep an even tension against the blade as it is gradually honed away over many uses...

Ample Art, Sep 28 2003

(?) Self Sharpening Sheath http://www.majorsur...52&Category_Code=52
[Shz, Oct 04 2004]


       I’ve seen many a self-sharpening device, but never one for a utility (razor) blade. +
Shz, Sep 28 2003

       In the interest of efficiency, I never retract my utility knife but just jam it into the tool belt, and thus would never sharpen such a blade. I also find that I snap the tip off the blades occasionally, thus making sharpening a non-solution. But I did find that Home Depot now sells a quick change utility knife, so you just press a little button and VOILA! Much easier than unscrewing/disassembling the dern thang. With regard to the used blades, I just stash them away in some apples I give away at Halloween. Just kidding.   

       But the idea is good, and I did see somewhere a kitchen "cutlery set" that has sharpeners built into the wood block thingy, under the "StaySharp" trademark.
musicator, Sep 28 2003

       I like it. Wilkinson Olfa.
Most of the carpet and linoleum installers that I know sharpen their Olfa, (retractable , snappable razor) blades to try and cut costs. If you could make one that self sharpened and was durable enough, these would sell.
I go through a fifty pack of blades every three weeks or so, and I'd buy one

       Nice first idea there, Ample. Welcome to the bakery.
krelnik, Sep 28 2003

       Shz sells self-sharpening sheaths by the seashore, surely?
Tiger Lily, Sep 28 2003


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