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White Robe Ranch

For Near Death Nudists with Delicate Sensibilities
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For the Near Death Nudist that has given no thought to the afterlife, here is a camp that introduces the possibility that they may **NOT** be slouching about buck naked in Heaven; but rather wearing long white robes.

Flashers Need Not Apply

Grogster, May 10 2015


       Why do you start with nudists? I mean, couldn't the same white robes be draped over sharp suits, shell suits, tracky daks or shalwar kameez as over birthday suits?
pertinax, May 10 2015

       Something about this resonates with me. Maybe it's the visual that I like. Hmmm
blissmiss, May 10 2015

       Will there be clouds?
cudgel, May 11 2015

       I would rather wear clouds.
xandram, May 12 2015

       Clouds of some burning substance or other, I imagine.
RayfordSteele, May 12 2015

       Here I was looking forward to a garment-less existence in a body of pure light, clothed entirely in iridescent sparkles with a totally bitchin rainbowy aura, and a depth of ever changing fractal geometry which would drive mortals mad to behold.   

       ...but robes are good too.   


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