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fitness bootcamp for real

real bootcamp with a real drill sargeant gets you in shape for sure
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find a farm, hire a retired hardass drill sargeant, and get clients by simply telling them that this method has worked for thousands upon thousands of flabby people. X number of days later (30?) they are physically fit.

it's the real thing. no easier than real bootcamp, but it ends after camp. you dont have to go all the way and join the army.

it's hard, but so what? that's what people want- guarenteed results. i would go.

not expensive to run. just need some old tires for-to hup hup straddle, and oatmeal for the chow-hall.

gnormal, Feb 05 2001

working for peter working for me http://healthcentra...HEALTH.asp?IOID=440
[gnormal, Feb 05 2001]

and suddenly, "my" idea is a tv show! http://www.sirlinksalot.net/bootcamp.html
[gnormal, Feb 05 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Baked. Not only in the TV show, but another trainee under my Air Force recruiter is already participating in one of these programs to prepare himself for the real BMT. I'll have to fishbone this.
disbomber, Apr 03 2005

       dont fishbone me! this idea came to me 4 yrs ago! of course its baked by now. all of my ideas will come true!
gnormal, Apr 15 2005

       Yeah? That's what Jesus said, and look where it got him.
disbomber, Apr 15 2005

       You put this on 4 years ago and only now people are talking about it???   

toomer34, Aug 19 2005

       I was an instructor at BootCamp Fitness in 1997. There were several attempts at this, different flavors of the same thing at different gyms - all based on military-style fitness programs (more emphasis on the yelling and screaming than actual fitness, which was sad - and why I left).   

       As well, I thought I was brilliant when I thought "Orange-Juice Flavored Toothpaste!!!!" - then I checked the HB archives.   

       I feel your pain.
timpestuous, Aug 19 2005


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