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Vacuum Mower

Vacuuming your lawn has never been easier
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A lawn-mower that does two separate actions simultanuously: Mowing your lawn, and cleaning it by vacuum. A seperated, powerful vacuuming nozle would suck every piece of garbarge, leaves, etc. into the same bag where the mowed grass would be, thus leaving your grass perfectly clean.
Mr Plow, Oct 01 2005

Vac-Mower http://www.snapper.com/hivac_bagger.html
but welcome to the Halfbakery anyway. [dentworth, Oct 01 2005]

Cyclone Rake http://www.cycloner...r=googlevacuumgroup
We use units like this Cyclone Rake or Pasture Vacs when mowing our llama pastures where it is really important to remove all traces of animal feces from the grazing areas. This particular piece of equipment is probably larger than [Mr Plow] intended to describe, but most rotary bag mowers -- even the $100 electric ones -- perform a reasonable job on suburban lawns if properly positioned. [jurist, Oct 02 2005]


       you spelled it wrong, just to annoy me didn't you.   

       sp: separate, sep-a-rate, sepArate Thanks
dentworth, Oct 01 2005

       I am a veteran baker and I complain about spelling occasionally, but I am harmless. Now about your idea, there are already mowers that uptake the leaves and clippings, they have bags on them which must be emptied frequently. It is a lot of work. Look at snapper mowers on google.
dentworth, Oct 01 2005

       Or look at Cyclone Rakes and Pasture Vacs if you have slightly grander designs. [link]   

       (I learned to spell *separate* the same way [dentworth] did; that is, it was drummed into us by countless grade school teachers and spelling bee proctors. But after seeing it repeatedly spelled *seperate* here at the halfbakery, I was surprised to find the wholly erroneous variant included in my dictionary, albeit grudgingly. So, apparently, either version is going to pass the Scrabble test. But, in the meantime, I'm going to blame the whole thing on those Welsh and wily Scots for screwing up our spelling.)
jurist, Oct 02 2005

       For [Pave] from Webster's: "SEPARATE is often found with the spelling SEPERATE, even in quite respectable publications. Despite this frequency, however, SEPERATE is almost universally considered a misspelling." ... So don't do it, unless cheating at Scrabble.
jurist, Oct 02 2005

       pare: vt - to remove; to se par(e)ate; to cut or shave, as the skin, ring, or outside part
po, Oct 02 2005

       Lame - I thought I invented something completely new. Not so much for a debut. That's what you get for trying to invent lawn and garden advents after living all your life in apartment buildings...
Mr Plow, Oct 02 2005


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