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Zen Garden Lawn Mower

Turn your boring lawn into a Zen lawn with the Zen mower
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A new lawn mower with a series of parallel V shaped blades that mow the equivalent pattern that a Zen rake makes in sand, only this one does it on your lawn. Complemented by an "easy move" boulder to place anywhere in the middle of your lawn. Once the boulder, or boulders are in place, all you need do is mow around them in rings to create a wonderful Zen lawn. But not only that! - other products are under development - for example cat litter Zen rake, and battle field Zen plough, which wins the war by changing the mindset of the enemy as they watch you calmly converting a vast landscape into an ocean of Zen.
xenzag, Sep 29 2005


       I think this is a really nice idea, even without going for the traditional Zen garden effect it would still look good. Probably easier to make by having two inch wide metal strips mounted underneath the blades to keep some grass out of the way while some gets sucked upwards and clipped. A brush would lift up both short and long grass after the blades had passed. If the strips were moveable into irregular patterns, [calum] could create his own tartan in his lawn by mowing from two directions.
wagster, Sep 29 2005

       Zig zen zag?
ConsulFlaminicus, Sep 29 2005

DrCurry, Sep 29 2005

       Very good - I'd buy this
hippo, Jan 28 2015

       The essence of a Zen lawnmower would be to own it, but then not use it, shirley ?
8th of 7, Jan 28 2015

       I think that would be the Nihilism Lawnmower. The Zen Lawnmower would have to not cut the grass as it was being used, to demonstrate freedom from desire (of having a nice lawn).
hippo, Jan 28 2015

       I like very much the cat litter version of this. Those little boulders are "easy move" in more ways than one. Bunsai!
bungston, Jan 28 2015

       whooooomh - this is one of the very first ideas I ever posted here.
xenzag, Jan 28 2015

       Such a shame, really … it's just all been downhill for you since then, hasn't it ?
8th of 7, Jan 28 2015


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