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vacuum cleaner cam

Catches images from under the bed
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Has LEDs to see and some way of deflecting the dust away so that it doesn't get clogged.
pashute, Oct 11 2015

Could this have been prevented ? http://www.craigsli...orl/5112700681.html
[normzone, Oct 12 2015]


       Put it on a robot vacuum cleaner and lay in bed watching it explore the house.   

       Police could use it to find fugitives, while sitting in their patrol car.
popbottle, Oct 12 2015

       Put a gun on it and you have some form of robotic cop. I call it "police-bot" that's catchy.
bs0u0155, Oct 12 2015

       It would just move around very slowly, eating doughnuts.
8th of 7, Oct 12 2015

       so... trunk cam?
pashute, Oct 12 2015

       Here's me thinking it's a high speed camera to give me a picture to go with noise that rattled up the pipe.
wjt, Oct 13 2015

       This just the sort of thing that would have saved me from that embarrassing trip to Casualty. If I'd been able to see where the nozzle was pointing, I would have taken extra care to not slip when I was doing the hoovering naked.
Gordon Comstock, Oct 14 2015

       Don't be embarrased, it could happen to anyone.
8th of 7, Oct 14 2015

       [8th] Yes, but I should have seen it coming.
Gordon Comstock, Oct 14 2015


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