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Validate My Halfbakery Ego

For this ideas that have come to fruition.
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I've seen many of our ideas come to be (the sane, and legal ones, at least), and It would be cool to have a "It's been created" section, or tag. Ideas that have come to be would be highlighted in color, in any list or search result they pop up in.

Any idea that wants this tag/title would need a link to the website featuring the product in it's fruition.

twitch, Oct 17 2012

Banff... http://www.google.c...iletype=&as_rights=
The national park, town, arts center, hotel, film festival... [normzone, Oct 17 2012]

Halfbakery Labs Graduates Halfbakery_20Labs_20Graduates
This very same idea was just proposed. [bungston, Oct 18 2012]

OG Banff http://en.wikipedia...iki/Banff,_Scotland
[calum, Oct 19 2012]

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       sp. frutation
calum, Oct 17 2012

       'Bakers that spot such halfbakes-come-true typically post a link to an article or web presence about the new product, which brings the old post up to the recent 3 page for everyone to see. While I'm likely the first one here to welcome ego validation in any form and quantity (especially if it's _my_ ego being validated), I see this idea as somewhat superfluous.
Alterother, Oct 17 2012

       I sort of agree with the [Alterother].   

       As a compromise, we could agree on a unique word or phrase (I've always liked the word "Banff") which could be included in an annotation to any baked idea. A simple word search would then find all such baked ideas. Of course this idea would also be found but, if the convention is indeed adopted, then the use of the word "Banff" in this idea will be justified.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 17 2012

       [MaxwellBuchanan] has it, that's a brilliant solution. It does require that heretofore we presume that all ideas about Banff are baked, but that's a small price to pay.
tatterdemalion, Oct 17 2012

       sp. fruitification

As [tatterd] suggests, what about mad, unrealistic, never-to-be-implemented ideas about the well-known tourist destination of Banff, Alberta?
hippo, Oct 17 2012

       We will just have to take it upon ourselves to ensure that any such never-to-be-implemented ideas are implemented.   

       At a pinch, one could always use the past tense verbal form, 'Banffed', as in "Apparently, Vernon will have Banffed his time machine idea yesterday."   

       However, I foresee a problem if the term "Banffed" comes into widespread usagisation. We may see annotations such as "This could never be Banffed", which would then nullify its value as a search term. We will have to exercise considerable elf-restraint (which is, in itself, a Banffable idea) in this respect.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 17 2012

       What about typos if someone wanted to type "BandF"?
pocmloc, Oct 17 2012

       Such mishaps will be discouraged by the institution of summary execution.
Alterother, Oct 17 2012

       What do you mean "institution of"? I thought...
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 17 2012

       It's like an institution because it's a cultural thing that is reproduced even though people possess reason enough to not have to be so functionally reproductive. I will now fixate on this idea and reproduce it in my own mind until a sort of madness is produced.
rcarty, Oct 17 2012

       That will make a splendid addition to your collection.   

       'Institution' was the wrong word, chosen for the sake of brevity. I would have done better to state that 'the existant policy of summary execution in punishment of various breaches of Halfbakery protocol and customs will be extended to include typographical errors resulting in the words Banf, Banff, Banffed, Banffable, Banfftastic, and any other currently unknown derivations of same'.
Alterother, Oct 17 2012

       what's wrong with the existing terminology? (i.e. "baked")
xaviergisz, Oct 17 2012

       I've always interpreted our usage of 'baked' as mildly derogatory and referential to things that already exist at the time of the post. This is different.
Alterother, Oct 17 2012

       It's just how the community is discursively regulated. There's nothing wrong with it. It's deep man. It's like a microcosm in the macroverse timothy leary yeah
rcarty, Oct 17 2012

       Entirely and unequivocally agreed. Deep.
Alterother, Oct 17 2012

       //I would have done better to state that...//   

       Yes, much better.   

       //microcosm in the macroverse//   

       Yet again I find myself being disagreeable. Given the narrow band in which most of us cluster in the short-wavelength region of the autistic spectrum; and given the breadth of our collective ideas - I suggest that we represent a macrocosm of the microverse.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 17 2012

       //I've always interpreted our usage of 'baked' as mildly derogatory and referential to things that already exist at the time of the post. This is different.//   

       I have always found it mildly annoying that two completely different concepts (i.e. 'widely known to exist' and 'wow, someone made you idea a reality!') were clumped together with the same word. I think the word 'baked' should be only used in a positive 'wow, someone made you idea a reality!' manner. But you're right, this is not generally the way it is used.
xaviergisz, Oct 17 2012

       Well yeah everything seems to be some sort of macrocosm of a microverse, but in turn everything is also microverse of a macrocosm. It's like fractal systems theory, only instead of using maths im using LSD.   

       \what I meant by the statement that the community is discursively regulated and that it's a microcosm in the macroverse, is that discursive regulation can be found in all communities even on the scale of civilizations. But the halfbakery is for new discursion, old ideas are weeded out with "baked", unlike most communities that reproduce the same discursion. However, the halfbakery like all communities becomes confined to that same discursive regulation so that "new ideas" ironically fall into the same discursion, so while the ideas are often new, they are 'halfbakery style'.
rcarty, Oct 18 2012

       BandF, is that like SandM?
RayfordSteele, Oct 18 2012

       An idea could be Reverse Banffed as well. It could turn out that the idea was already baked in the real world, but finding to their horror that the invention was unknowedly posted as new on the HB, the real-world inventor may discontinue making and marketing said device in order to preserve their credibility. Do we get extra credit in that case?
sqeaketh the wheel, Oct 18 2012

       Wouldn't that be 'un-Banffed,' rather than 'reverse Banffed'? To state that a process is reversed is saying that the sequence of events or actions constituting the process have occurred or been performed in reverse order; what you are describing is a process being undone.
Alterother, Oct 18 2012

       //reverse Banffed// sp. "Ffnabed"
hippo, Oct 19 2012

       Sir, I regret to report that our main product, the Radium-Impregnated Coffee-Warmer Ceramic Cup, has been discovered to have been Ffnabed. We will need to shut down production immediately and all become Nuns.
sqeaketh the wheel, Oct 21 2012

       //all become Nuns// Is that the opposite of creating something out of nothing?
pocmloc, Oct 21 2012

       //Is that the opposite of creating something out of nothing?//
By which you mean "Creating nothing out of something?" Isn't that what we do here on a regular basis?
sqeaketh the wheel, Oct 22 2012

       We saw what you did there ... nice try.
8th of 7, Oct 22 2012


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