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Halfbakery Labs Graduates

List of ideas that actually were realized as a result of being discussed on Halfbakery.
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INSPIRATION: Just like the projects that graduate from Google Labs, and become real commercial products, some ideas suggested on Halfbakery inevitably become real products as a result of being suggested and discussed. Sometimes such causal relationship can be determined. So, we could try to assemble a list of ideas that actually were realized as a result of being proposed on Halfbakery, and became usable products/scientific papers/pieces of software/social patterns, etc.

IMPLEMENTATION: List could be created by introducing a tag for [baked_after] ideas. Such ideas could have an icon looking like a piece of fully baked loaf of bread instead of regular buns or fishbones (the votes would surely remain unaffected). The ideas that are found to be baked already could have a tag [baked_before], and an icon of a fully cooked piranha would probably be appropriate.

Inyuki, Jun 04 2012


       I thought all of the ideas on here were either immediately implemented, or are currently under development, by hordes of eager minions.
pocmloc, Jun 04 2012

       [pocmloc], that's what I think, too - it's in the spirit of HB, - however the fact is fact: some are not immediately implemented (it depends on what you mean by 'implemented' though), and some are being found to exist already.
Inyuki, Jun 04 2012

       The worse problem is that "lists" are generally frowned-upon around here.
Vernon, Jun 04 2012

       I know, [Vernon],... I tried to make it further away from just a list by suggesting the implementation...   

       If it is just a list, then at least it is under the right category.
Inyuki, Jun 04 2012


       There are some ideas here which are being implemented as we speak, but covertly. It might not be advisable to advertise this fact.   

       Even as we speak, the Welsh National Peltier scheme is approaching fruition, and we'd like to keep it a surprise, particularly for the Welsh.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 04 2012

       I live in hope that someone will develop the Hullaballoon.
UnaBubba, Jun 05 2012

       There is of course the N-Prize.
RayfordSteele, Jun 10 2012


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